Grandfather Clocks

Grandfather Clocks make the statement when entering a home. They will let guests know your decorating style. When looking to buy a grandfather clock for a heirloom piece you should consider one of the classic designs we offer. If you have any questions on any of our pieces call us at # 1 800 240 6433. If you ever get to the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania area make sure to visit our furniture store. At the bottom of this page sign up to receive newsletters with information on new products and sales. We just added a in inventory items – click here section so make sure to check out.

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Arlington Grandfather Clock Image
Arlington Grandfather Clock
If you’re looking to bring a new level of timeless sophistication to your home, consider the graceful lines of the Arlington Grandfather Cloc... Read More
$6150 - $6250
Chester County Grandfather Clock - Carved Shell Image
Chester County Grandfather Clock - Carved Shell
The Chester County Grandfather Clock with Carved Shell features a beautiful design that would add style to any home.  ... Read More
$4475 - $4675
Philadelphia Grandfather Clock Image
Philadelphia Grandfather Clock
The Philadelphia Grandfather Clock would work great in a foyer or living room. It has a Chippendale style case and a 8 day movement.... Read More
$5985 - $6185
Federal Grandfather Clock Image
Federal Grandfather Clock
The Federal Grandfather Clock has wonderful inlay and a classic period style design. It would work well as an accent in a traditional sty... Read More
Chester County Grandfather Clock Image
Chester County Grandfather Clock
The Chester County Grandfather Clock is a simple design that would work in a variety of settings. Many customers like the flat top.... Read More
$4175 - $4375
Lancaster County Grandfather Clock Image
Lancaster County Grandfather Clock
The Lancaster County Grandfather Clock would work well in a country or as a accent in a contemporary setting. Take note to the simple bro... Read More
$3825 - $4025
Perry County Grandfather Clock Image
Perry County Grandfather Clock
The Perry County Grandfather Clock has a traditional style design. This would look great in a foyer or living room.  ... Read More
$4675 - $4875
Virginia Grandfather Clock Image
Virginia Grandfather Clock
The Virginia Grandfather Clock has a tiger maple body and marvelously turned feet. It makes a bold statement with its handsome... Read More
$4450 - $4650
New Jersey Grandfather Clock Image
New Jersey Grandfather Clock
The New Jersey Grandfather Clock is a substantial piece with beautiful inlay. A perfect piece for your home entryway.  ... Read More
Manheim Grandfather Clock Image
Manheim Grandfather Clock
The Manheim Grandfather Clock is accented beautifully with inlaid wood and federal style eagle emblem on its front. Delicately... Read More