Charleston Bell and Ball Bed

$3945 – $5556

The Charleston Bell and Ball Bed seamlessly blends the sturdiness of farmhouse design with the elegance of antique style, creating a timeless bedroom piece that feels right at home in a range of settings. This bed is a perfect match for a farmhouse, a traditional saltbox, or a beach house, easily adapting to both primary bedrooms and significant guest quarters. Available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes, it caters to every space and family size.


This bed, a symbol of master craftsmanship, is distinguished by its bell and ball turned posts, a notable design aspect from yesteryears. The rolling pin headboard, another defining feature, adds an exquisite touch to the design, effortlessly complementing the bed’s overall structure. A blanket rail, subtle yet practical, serves as an additional convenience.


Proudly made in the USA, the Charleston Bell and Ball Bed is part of our esteemed historical series, a collection designed to pay homage to antique style reproductions. You can choose from premium cherry wood, tiger maple wood, or historical painted finishes to customize the bed to suit your aesthetic preferences.


Product Specifications:


Design: Charleston Bell and Ball Bed
Materials: Cherry Wood, Tiger Maple Wood, Historical Painted Finishes
Features: Bell and Ball Turned Posts, Rolling Pin Headboard, Blanket Rail
Origin: Made in the USA
Pictured In: Queen Size, Tiger Maple Wood Headboard, Historical Barn Red Over Natural Finish Frame
Series: Historical


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Queen Size Height: 56 in.
Queen Size Width: 66.5 in.
Queen Size Depth: 86.5 in.




Historical Painted Finish – Twin, Full & Queen Size: $3,945
Cherry Wood – Twin, Full & Queen Size: $4,549
Tiger Maple Wood – Twin, Full & Queen Size: $4,726
Historical Painted Finish – King Size: $4,775
Cherry Wood – King Size: $5,379
Tiger Maple Wood – King Size: $5,556


Item Number: BR1169


The Historical Charleston Bell and Ball Bed is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a symbol of heritage, a nod to the bygone era’s craftsmanship, and a practical addition to your living space. Let this bed become the centerpiece of your bedroom, adding a historical touch to your contemporary comfort.


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