Country Style Bed

$3333 – $4578

Discover the quintessential embodiment of rustic elegance with the Country Style Bed, a true testament to American craftsmanship and a standout feature in any bedroom setting. Whether nestled in a cozy country home or a period-style setting, this bed transforms your sleeping space into a tranquil retreat where tradition meets contemporary comfort.


Picture this: the first rays of morning light filtering through curtains to grace the bold design of this American-made masterpiece. The Country Style Bed promises not only a place for restful slumber but a statement piece that embodies a blend of farmhouse decor and modern aesthetics. Its desirable design merges seamlessly with both rustic and modern interiors, bringing a touch of sophistication and tranquillity to your home.


At the focal point of this exquisite bed are the finely turned posts adorned with intricate acorn motifs, showcasing an artistry that resonates with nature-inspired themes prevalent in country-style decor. The detailing is more than just a visual feast; it’s a tribute to skilled craftsmanship and timeless elegance.


Complementing diverse interior palettes, the bed is available in an array of finishes such as the rich Tiger Maple Wood, the classical Cherry Wood, or the textured allure of historical painted finishes. Each finish exudes a unique persona, harmonizing beautifully with various style preferences and room decors.


From spacious King size to compact Twin options, the Country Style Bed offers varied dimensions, ensuring an impeccable fit into rooms of diverse scales and sizes, fostering a sense of harmony and cohesion in your living space.


Product Specifications:


Design: Country Style Bed
Detailing: Bold Design, Acorn Motifs
Options: Tiger Maple Wood, Cherry Wood, Historical Painted Finishes
Pictured In: King Size, Cherry Wood
Origin: Made in the USA
Series: Historical


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Queen Size Height: 55 1/2 in.
Queen Size Width: 66 1/2 in.
Queen Size Depth: 86 1/2 in.




Historical Painted Finish – Twin, Full & Queen Size: $3,333
Cherry Wood – Twin, Full & Queen Size: $3,572
Tiger Maple Wood – Twin, Full & Queen Size: $4,078
Historical Painted Finish – King Size: $3,832
Cherry Wood – King Size: $4,072
Tiger Maple Wood – King Size: $4,578


Item Number: 1937


Engage with the elegance of the past and the comfort of the present with the Country Style Bed, promising a home adorned with beauty and grace.


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