6ft Farm Table


Introducing our exquisite 6ft X 36in Farm Table, a masterpiece crafted with countryside lovers and city dwellers in mind. With its timeless elegance, this table promises to be a statement piece, whether it graces a modern city apartment or nestles within a traditional farmhouse setting.


The stunning Tiger Maple Wood, renowned for its unique grain patterns, breathes life into both the table’s top and base. This wood’s rich history and remarkable durability make it a coveted choice for heirloom furniture, ensuring your table isn’t just beautiful but built to last.


Its light hand-planed top offers a delicate touch of distressing. This subtle detailing provides a hint of rustic allure, reminiscent of the golden days of countryside living. The distressing from the light hand planing capture the essence crafted artistry, making each table distinct and imbued with its own narrative.


But what truly sets our table apart is its impeccable design featuring tapered leg base, exuding an understated sophistication. These clean lines seamlessly merge the classic farmhouse aesthetic with contemporary charm. The precision in its craftsmanship is evident, with legs that are meticulously mortised, tenoned, and pinned into the table’s apron. This not only bolsters the table’s strength but adds a touch of vintage charm, reminiscent of age-old woodworking traditions.


In a world that constantly evolves, the 6ft Farm Table remains true to its roots – a classic farmhouse design that effortlessly transitions into city decors. Its versatility makes it a perfect fit for a country-themed home or an accent piece in a bustling city apartment. Its blend of clean lines and classic design ensures it complements any setting, be it a lavish dinner party or a quiet family dinner.


Item: 6ft X 36in Pennsylvania Farm Table – Item # 1880 
Features: Light Hand Planed Top, Breadboard Ends, Tapered Legs
Origin: Pennsylvania
Pictured In: Tiger Maple Wood
Series: Pennsylvania


Incorporate this emblem of country decor into your space and relish in its timeless appeal. The 6ft Farm Table isn’t just furniture; it’s a testament to enduring style and craftsmanship.


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