Primitive Corner Cabinet

$2,037 – $2,648

Nestled seamlessly into the cozy corner of your period-style setting, the Primitive Corner Cabinet epitomizes the simplicity and allure of classic design. It is crafted with pride in the USA, embodying the historical lineage of American craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations.


The design of this quintessential piece reflects a thoughtful blend of practicality and timeless style. Its compact build fits perfectly into smaller spaces without compromising on aesthetic appeal. The cabinet’s flat panels present a clean, unadorned facade that harmonizes with the straightforward, unpretentious nature of traditional farmhouse decor. Beneath its surface, a scalloped apron provides a subtle, decorative flourish, adding an understated elegance to its sturdy silhouette.


Glass panes, numbering six in total, offer a clear view into the cabinet’s interior—a charming stage for displaying heirloom china, glassware, or treasured collectibles. Each pane is framed within the solid structure, ensuring your items are presented and protected with equal measure.


Opt for a natural wood finish from choices including the warm luster of tiger maple or the deep richness of cherry wood to infuse your space with the wood’s innate beauty. For those with a penchant for the unique, our primitive painted finishes offer an additional layer of character, available in an array of historically inspired colors.


Product Specifications:


Design: Primitive Corner Cabinet
Features: Fits in many Smaller Corners, Flat Panels, Scalloped Apron
Origin: Made in the USA
Pictured In: Historical Black over Red Finish
Series: Historical




Tiger Maple Wood, Cherry Wood, Primitive Painted Finish
Important – Painted Finish Priced Below with Black Crackle or Black Rub Finish
Historical Painted Finish – Add $272
Painted Upper Interior – Add $226


Color Chart – Click Here




Height: 80 in.
Corner Depth: 23 1/4 in.




Painted Finish: $2,037
Cherry Wood: $2,343
Tiger Maple Wood: $2,648


Item Number: 2006


This Primitive Corner Cabinet isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s a vessel of history and style, tailored to bring the essence of farmhouse charm into the modern home.


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