Set of 6 Fan Back Windsor Chairs


Explore the world of classic elegance with the Set of 6 Fan Back Windsor Chairs, an ensemble that resonates deeply with timeless artistry and superior craftsmanship. Perfect to set around a period-style kitchen or dining table, these American-made pieces echo the timeless Windsor design, promising a seamless integration into your home while accentuating its aesthetic appeal.


The set, consisting of two Historical Fan Back Windsor Armchairs and four Historical Fan Back Windsor Side Chairs, is a striking depiction of historical richness and modern functionality. Drenched in the beautiful Antique Black over Red Crackle Painted Finish, the chairs elegantly bridge the gap between history and contemporary living, making every meal a voyage through time.


Note the intricately carved knuckles and ears, and the masterfully shaped seat, each element a testament to the dedication to quality and style. The construction, where the legs are skillfully mortised through the seat and wedged, assures not just a visual delight but also unmatched durability and stability.


Design: Set of 6 Fan Back Windsor Chairs
Detailing: Carved Knuckles and Ears, Windsor Design
Pictured In: Antique Black over Red Crackle Painted Finish
Origin: Made in the USA
Series: Historical


2 X Historical Fan Back Windsor Armchairs:


Height: 42 3/4 in
Width: 29 in
Depth: 24 1/2 in


4 X Historical Fan Back Windsor Side Chairs:


Height: 37 1/2 in
Width: 26 in,
Depth: 22 in


Item Number: 1971


Amidst the world of fleeting trends, choose the Fan Back Windsor Chairs for a timeless addition to your home, reflecting not just your taste but also your appreciation for pieces steeped in history and quality. Embrace the luxury of timeless elegance, superior quality, and American craftsmanship with this exquisite set of chairs, marking every meal with grace and historical richness.


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