Pennsylvania Farm Table

$2150 – $3250

In the depths of Pennsylvania’s countryside, the tradition of superior woodworking lives on. The Pennsylvania Farm Table is a tangible testament to this heritage. An antique reproduction styled farmhouse table, it effortlessly evokes warmth and charm reminiscent of a bygone era. Whether you’re imagining a country farmhouse or a classic salt box setting, this table is the perfect centerpiece.


The table is crafted from your choice of either tiger maple wood, known for its distinctive grain, or cherry wood, renowned for its texture and rich hues. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in the breadboard ends and tapered legs, underlining the skill and craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Moreover, for those yearning for a hint of vintage touch, the option of an antique black over red base is available.


Available to this table, and part of what makes it a distinguished choice, is its customizability. Depending on your space and requirements, the table can be tailored to your desired size, ensuring it fits seamlessly in either a kitchen or a dining room.


Design: Pennsylvania Farm Table
Features: Breadboard Ends, Tapered Legs
Origin: Pennsylvania
Pictured In: Tiger Maple Wood
Series: Pennsylvania




Tiger Maple Wood or Cherry Wood
Light Hand Planed or Hand Planed Top – $100 additional

15 in. Company Boards for Either End of Table – $350 each
Antique Black over Red Base – No Additional Cost
Extra Thickness – Additional Cost
Can be Custom Sized




Cherry Wood:


5 ft. or less: $2,150
6 ft.: $2,250
7 ft.: $2,350
8 ft.: $2,750
9 ft.: $3,150


Tiger Maple Wood:


5 ft. or less: $2,250
6 ft.: $2,350
7 ft.: $2,450
8 ft.: $2,850
9 ft.: $3,250


Item # TSR001-13

It’s not j
ust the wood that lends itself to customization. For an added touch of personal flair, one can opt for a painted base. If you’re looking to heighten the table’s rustic aura, the light hand planed or hand planed top, is an excellent choice. There are also options for company board extensions and extra thickness for those who prefer a more robust table.


The Pennsylvania Farm Table is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a slice of history, an emblem of the timeless Pennsylvanian craftsmanship. Investing in this table ensures you’re bringing a piece of Pennsylvania’s rich heritage into your home, tailored perfectly to your tastes and needs.


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