European Style Tables

European Style Tables with bold appearances and desirable designs. They are aged and distressed to give you an antiqued appearance. Many of the European Style Tables are available in different sizes and extensions. We are available to answer any questions you have at # 1 800 240 6433. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page to receive information on new product introductions and sales. Our showroom location is in Lancaster County, PA. We ship. 

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Dining and Kitchen Furniture
European Trestle Table Image
European Trestle Table
The European Trestle Table design is inspired by the rustic majesty of that quaint region of Italy known as Tuscany. It is a world reknowned area recognized by travelers for its lush vineyards, deliciou... Read More
$2340 - $3482
Country Estate Pedestal Table Image
Country Estate Pedestal Table
The Country Estate Pedestal Table has a very bold appearance with a pedestal base. It’s the perfect piece for your breakfast room or unusually shaped dining room. Enjoy many evenings entertaining frie... Read More
$1560 - $1985
French Country Trestle Table Image
French Country Trestle Table
French Country design emerged from southern France where it originated in small villages. Furniture pieces are meant to look old, rustic and less than fancy. Our French Country Trestle Table, with its heav... Read More
$2410 - $3522
Catalan Style Table Image
Catalan Style Table
The Catalan style is derived from the autonomous community of Spain known as Catalonia, home to Spain’s two largest cities, Barcelona and Madrid. The Spanish style is evident in the Catalan Style Table w... Read More
$2485 - $3065
English Trestle Table Image
English Trestle Table
It’s easy to picture the English Trestle Table situated in the library of an English manor adorned with statuary and lighting. But for those of us who are American urbanites or suburbanites lacking the ... Read More
$2410 - $3054
Villa Pedestal Style Table Image
Villa Pedestal Style Table
The Villa Pedestal Table is a wonderful variation from the typical single column pedestal base, featuring four graceful curved legs. Round tables are perfect for entertaining, allowing your guests to easil... Read More
$1713 - $4064
Country Manor Oval Dining Table Image
Country Manor Oval Dining Table
The Country Manor Oval Dining Table is all about style. This elegant piece deserves fine china and crystal, but is just as regal with stoneware and glass. It features a molded, oval top with curved tapered... Read More
$1875 - $1950
Mario's Designer Table
Circles are said to offer protection and represent unity and wholeness. It’s easy to imagine the unity of friends and family gathered around Mario’s Designer Table sharing delicious food and stories of... Read More
$1216 - $2340
Irish Bar Room Table Image
Irish Bar Room Table
The Irish Bar Room Table resembles a traditional bar table one might see in Ireland or England pubs. It features a round top with pedestal base and very heavily distressed finish. Enjoy a pint with your ma... Read More
$1240 - $1390
Irish Pub Table Image
Irish Pub Table
Cead mile failte (a hundred thousand welcomes)! The Irish pub lies at the heart of cultural, social and musical life in Ireland. Philosophize on the meaning of life, argue politics, feast on food or simply enjoy a pint wit... Read More
$1140 - $1390
Ackley Pub Table Image
Ackley Pub Table
Pubs are meeting places where friends and family come together to share a beverage, laugh and make memories. Our Ackley Pub Table is the perfect meeting place for your home where you can enjoy family dinn... Read More
$1115 - $1478
Elizabethan Trestle Table Image
Elizabethan Trestle Table
The word Elizabethan conjures thoughts of merry old England and the days of the castle Court. Knights home from battle shared songs of victory, played instruments and shared a pint (or two!) of meade in celebration. While ... Read More
$2805 - $3681
Ackley Breakfast Table Image
Ackley Breakfast Table
The Ackley Breakfast Table would work well in a kitchen or breakfast room. It is available in a variety of finishes. American made.   Features: Attractive... Read More
$1086 - $1442
Maidstone Pedestal Table Image
Maidstone Pedestal Table
The Maidstone Pedestal Table is a bold piece with a solid pedestal base and simple round top. This piece works well in a breakfast nook or kitchen, and it also is an excellent alternative to the traditiona... Read More
$1375 - $1705
Rumford Pedestal Table Image
Rumford Pedestal Table
The Rumford Pedestal Table is a great place to fraternize with friends over a delicious meal. It’s perfect in the kitchen or dining room, and its bold appearance gives it a stately feel. A simple round t... Read More
$1675 - $2275