Dining and Kitchen Tables

Dining and Kitchen are one our specialities. When shopping for tables make sure to visit all of the sections on our website. We offer dining and kitchen table for most any style home. They include cottage, formal, period and antique style tables. If you have questions on any of our pieces call us at # 1 800 240 6433. If in the Lancaster County, PA we have a furniture store. At the bottom of this page make sure to sign up for our newsletter to hear about new product releases.

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Dining and Kitchen Furniture
Historical Montauk Porringer Table Image
Historical Montauk Porringer Table
The Historical Montauk Porringer Table would work well in a period style dining room or kitchen. This table is handcrafted and American made.   Features: Porringer Top... Read More
$1750 - $2050
Historical South Hampton Pedestal Table Image
Historical South Hampton Pedestal Table
The Historical South Hampton Pedestal Table is perfect for a kitchen or breakfast room. It is available with a cherry wood or tiger maple wood top. The base is available in a number of different historical painted fini... Read More
$1635 – $2145
Historical Connecticut Porringer Table Image
Historical Connecticut Porringer Table
The Historical Connecticut Porringer Table features rounded corners giving the piece a distinctive grace and setting it apart from the typical rectangular tops seen on many tables. This table works well a... Read More
$1750 - $2050
Historical Hampton Farm Table Image
Historical Hampton Farm Table
The Historical Hampton Farm Table has a classic farmhouse design. Take note to the nicely turned Sheraton legs. It is available in several standard size’s but can also be custom sized. Features:... Read More
$1650 – $1950
Historical Ripton Trestle Table Image
Historical Ripton Trestle Table
The Historical Ripton Testle Table is a traditional testle style table, but with two unique, turned spindles that enhance and support the center of the table. It’s easy to imagine this handsome piece as ... Read More
$2668 - $3217
Historical Massachusetts Shaker Table Image
Historical Massachusetts Shaker Table
In a simple kitchen or dining room the Historical Massachusetts Shaker Table would be a functional and attractive addition. It is available in several s... Read More
$1650 - $1950
Historical Hudson Porringer Table Image
Historical Hudson Porringer Table
The Historical Hudson Porringer Table features porringer corners giving the piece a distinctive grace and setting it apart from the typical rectangular tops seen on many tables. Turned legs complete this a... Read More
$1750 - $2050
Historical Williston Trestle Table Image
Historical Williston Trestle Table
It’s easy to imagine friends and family gathered around the Historical Williston Trestle Table enjoying a fine meal, playing games or sharing tales of the day. This pleasing piece is simple in design wi... Read More
$2668 - $3217
Historical Cranston Porringer Table Image
Historical Cranston Porringer Table
The Historical Cranston Porringer Table features a rectangular top with simple, tapered legs. Porringer corners add a bit of flair to the corners of this table. It could be the focal point of your dining ... Read More
$1750 - $2050
Historical Holden Pedestal Table Image
Historical Holden Pedestal Table
The Historical Holden Pedestal Table is really set off by the beautiful wood grain top and gorgeous pedestal base.. Its painted base compliments the unique styling beatifully. Strong New England styling i... Read More
$1635 - $2145
Burlington Table Image
Burlington Table
Our Burlington Table is a true classic. Many of our early settlements were started where saw mills and other timber based industry had ready availability to the handsome woods that this ta... Read More
$1375 - $1475
Round Innkeepers Table Image
Round Innkeepers Table
Great as a kitchen or dining room table, the Round Innkeepers table is form and function all in one. The workmanship and timeless style on this table will ensure it will add grace to your home for many years to come. Featu... Read More
$1290 - $1490
Middlesex Table Image
Middlesex Table
Our Middlesex Table represents the elegant side of country living. Its shaped legs, yet rustic charm speak of the more up country furnished home. This table is at home accommodating lunch or a fine dinner. FEAT... Read More
$1375 - $1475
English Pub Table Image
English Pub Table
Our English Pub Table brings all of the old world charm you could want to your meals. Its classic round shape and sturdy pedestal bottom grant it a hearty profile and beautiful style. Features:... Read More
$1357 - $1705
Pawtucket Table Image
Pawtucket Table
Our Pawtucket Table celebrates the courage, endurance, and ability that were necessary with the founding pioneers or early American era towns like Pawtucket, Connecticut. The hardy pioneer, seeking a new... Read More
$1375 - $1475
Tuscany Table Image
Tuscany Table
Our Tuscany Table brings all of the old world charm you could want to your meals. Its classic round shape and sturdy pedestal bottom grant it a hearty profile and beautiful style giving the added feel of an authentic Iri... Read More
Stamford Table Image
Stamford Table
Our Stamford Table is a more elegant take on the country style. Stamford, Connecticut has long been known for its early American country cottages. Pieces of furniture like this graced these homes for dec... Read More
$1375 - $1475
Providence Table Image
Providence Table
Our Providence Table celebrates the heavily wooded land that its namesake was founded upon during the colonial era. Beautifully turned legs and glowing wood grain on its top are testament to the fine craftsmanship that h... Read More
$1375 - $1475
Essex Table Image
Essex Table
Our Essex Table proves that the no nonsense sensibility of New England still brings great beauty to its design and appeal. Its straight angled legs bely its simplicity, but the beauty of the wood grain s... Read More
$1375 - $1475
Suffolk Table Image
Suffolk Table
Our Suffolk Table is a testament to American charm. Suffolk, Virginia is a rare blend of town and country living all packed into one historic place. Its historic roots reach back nearly four centuries. A city of pleasant... Read More
$1375 - $1475
Springfield Table Image
Springfield Table
The formal and sophisticated wood work on the Springfield Table gives it a refined style that can’t be duplicated. Its beautiful skirting makes it truly memorable and unique. This piece makes you think ... Read More
$1934 - $2252
Oval Queen Anne Table Image
Oval Queen Anne Table
Our Oval Queen Anne Table is a perfect representation of this timeless but early style of design. Styled just like the furniture from the Queen Ann period of 1760-1780, this piece has all... Read More