Pie Safes

Indulge in the timeless charm of our collection of Pie Safes, exquisite pieces that perfectly embody the essence of country and antique style. These classic furniture pieces are designed to enhance both your dining room and kitchen, providing a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Not only are they great for storage, but they also serve as beautiful focal points that add character to any space. One of the distinctive features of our Pie Safes is the intricate pierced tin patterns, which not only add visual interest but also allow for proper air circulation to keep your baked goods fresh and protected. These delicate designs are a testament to the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each piece. Available in a variety of sizes, our Pie Safes can accommodate your specific storage needs. Whether you’re looking for a compact piece for a cozy kitchen or a larger one for a spacious dining room, we have the perfect size to fit your requirements. Choose from a range of high-quality materials, including tiger maple wood, cherry wood, and painted finishes, to customize your Pie Safe to suit your personal style and decor. The warmth and beauty of tiger maple and cherry wood bring a touch of natural elegance to your space, while painted finishes offer a more whimsical and charming look. Each Pie Safe is carefully crafted in Pennsylvania, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. The skilled artisans take great pride in creating pieces that not only serve as functional storage solutions but also stand as works of art. Embrace the tradition and beauty of our Pie Safes, bringing both functionality and visual appeal to your home. Create a focal point in your dining room or kitchen, showcasing the intricate pierced tin patterns and storing your treasured baked goods. Trust in the craftsmanship and authenticity of our Pennsylvania-made Pie Safes to add a touch of timeless charm to your living space. Check out our in inventory items – click here section. We are available to answer questions anytime at # 1 800 240 6433.

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Dining and Kitchen Furniture
Lee Pie Safe Image
Lee Pie Safe
The Lee Pie Safe is just like the pie safe Grandma used to cool her weekly baked goods. There is nothing like the nostalgia th... Read More
$5650 - $5750
Fredericksburg Pie Safe Image
Fredericksburg Pie Safe
The Fredericksburg Pie Safe has a unique take on an otherwise classic design. Shorter and more compact than our other pie safe... Read More
$2850 - $2950
Grainger Pie Safe - Cherry Wood Image
Grainger Pie Safe - Cherry Wood
The Grainger Pie Safe – Cherry Wood is just the right size to fit in most any area of your home. Whether you are storing ex... Read More
$3300 - $3450
Richmond Pie Safe Image
Richmond Pie Safe
The Richmond Pie Safe brings back the memories of freshly baked apple pie at Grandma’s house. Although designed after these ... Read More
$4350 - $4450
Grainger Pie Safe - Tiger Maple Wood Image
Grainger Pie Safe - Tiger Maple Wood
The Grainger Pie Safe – Tiger Maple Wood will put you in the mood to have the scent of fresh baked pies s... Read More
$3300 - $3450
Milton Pie Safe Image
Milton Pie Safe
The Milton Pie Safe has a unique take on an otherwise classic design. This classic piece of furniture is a great addition to e... Read More
$2850 - $2950
Virginia Pie Safe Image
Virginia Pie Safe
Traditional American symbols like the Eagle and Star give this piece special attraction for your home. The Virginia Pie Safe b... Read More
$4350 - $4450