Welcome to our extensive collection of finely crafted cabinets, where functionality meets elegance. Our selection includes a wide range of cabinet styles, including corner cabinets, wall cupboards, hutches, jelly cupboards, chimney cupboards, dining cupboards, and dry sinks. Whether you prefer the charm of country, the grace of colonial, the timeless appeal of early American, or the simplicity of Shaker designs, you’ll find the perfect cabinet to suit your taste and complement your home. Our cabinets are meticulously crafted using the highest quality materials. Choose from rich cherry wood or the distinct beauty of tiger maple wood to bring warmth and sophistication to your space. We also offer a variety of painted finishes, each capturing the rustic and primitive charm that makes antique style furniture truly special. These cabinets are more than just storage solutions; they are works of art. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident in every aspect. Most cabinets are an exquisite Antique Reproduction, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of bygone eras while incorporating modern functionality. Rest assured that our commitment to exceptional quality extends to our cabinets being proudly American made. We take pride in supporting local artisans and ensuring that each piece meets our rigorous standards of craftsmanship and durability. Whether you’re looking to add storage to your kitchen, display your treasured collection in your dining room, or create a focal point in your living room, our cabinets are designed to meet your needs. Their versatile designs and timeless appeal make them suitable for various settings, from traditional country homes to modern farmhouse aesthetics. Experience the beauty and functionality of our Antique Reproduction cabinets, crafted with passion and attention to detail. Elevate your home with the enduring charm of cherry wood or the unique character of tiger maple, and enjoy the convenience of ample storage space. Discover the difference that American-made craftsmanship brings to your living space. We just added a in inventory items – click here section so make sure to check out. Call us anytime at # 1 800 240 6433 to discuss our pieces.

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Dining and Kitchen Furniture
Farmhouse Hutch Image
Farmhouse Hutch
Embrace the timeless allure of classic farmhouse style with our meticulously crafted Farmhouse Hutch. This stately piece brings the perfect balance of aesthetic elega... Read More
$3557 - $3953
Cherry Wood Shaker Cupboard Image
Cherry Wood Shaker Cupboard
The Cherry Wood Shaker Cupboard beautifully captures the essence of elegant simplicity, exuding a timeless appeal synonymous with the iconic Shaker style. This meticu... Read More
$973 - $1155
Country Style Hutch Image
Country Style Hutch
Step into a realm where simplicity and elegance coalesce, with our beautifully crafted Country Style Hutch. This piece embodies the heart of farmhouse aesthetics, off... Read More
$3,869 - $4,615
Primitive Corner Cabinet Image
Primitive Corner Cabinet
Nestled seamlessly into the cozy corner of your period-style setting, the Primitive Corner Cabinet epitomizes the simplicity and allure of classic desig... Read More
$2,037 - $2,648
One Door Cupboard Image
One Door Cupboard
The One Door Cupboard stands as a symbol of classic American heritage, a versatile addition to any room yearning for a touch of country style. This piece, crafted in ... Read More
$1650 - $1750
Dining Room Hutch Image
Dining Room Hutch
Imbued with the spirit of American heritage, the Dining Room Hutch is a testament to timeless design and fine craftsmanship. Made in the USA, this substantial piece f... Read More
$3568 - $4314
Shaker Hutch Image
Shaker Hutch
Infuse your home with the understated elegance of our Shaker Hutch, a piece that exemplifies the timeless Shaker ethos of simplicity and functionality. This hutch, cr... Read More
$2663 - $3110
Open Top Cupboard Image
Open Top Cupboard
Experience the essence of classic American design with our Open Top Cupboard, a beautiful fusion of simple country charm and timeless craftsmanship. Perfectly suited ... Read More
$3666 - $4844
Large Hutch Image
Large Hutch
Embrace the refined beauty and practical elegance of our Large Hutch, a distinguished piece that seamlessly blends the stately Chippendale style with the pastoral cha... Read More
$6322 - $7725
Small Hutch Image
Small Hutch
Discover the classic beauty and functional elegance of our Small Hutch, a piece that beautifully marries the quaint charm of farmhouse style with the practical demand... Read More
$3867 - $4263
Blind Door Corner Cabinet Image
Blind Door Corner Cabinet
Delve into the alluring simplicity of classic American design with our Blind Door Cabinet, a masterpiece of country style and functionality. This exquisite cabinet, c... Read More
$2137 - $2748
Kitchen Hutch Image
Kitchen Hutch
Step into the warmth of traditional country living with our Kitchen Hutch, a masterpiece that expertly merges classic design with practical utility. Meticulously craf... Read More
$3258 - $4004
Primitive Buffet Image
Primitive Buffet
The Primitive Buffet emerges as a sterling example of American craftsmanship, offering a blend of simplicity and utility ideal for enhancing the rustic charm of farmh... Read More
$1998 - $2331
Small Bookcase Image
Small Bookcase
The Small Bookcase from our Historical Series embodies a blend of simplicity and versatility, offering a practical and stylish solution for any country ... Read More
$518 - $699
Historical Herb Cupboard Image
Historical Herb Cupboard
The Historical Herb Cupboard is perfect for many uses, not just storing your dried herbs and spices. For years cupboards such as this one have... Read More
Historical Mercer Corner Cupboard Image
Historical Mercer Corner Cupboard
The Historical Mercer Corner Cupboard has the look and function of the pieces that have been used in farmhouses for centuries. Its fluted pane... Read More
$3260 - $3768
Historical One Door Jelly Cupboard Image
Historical One Door Jelly Cupboard
The Historical One Door Jelly Cupboard stirs up memories of Fall family gatherings at grandma’s house, pitting cherries, smashing raspberries or peel... Read More
$1650 - $1750
Historical Bucks County Corner Cabinet Image
Historical Bucks County Corner Cabinet
The Historical Bucks County Corner Cabinet is one of the taller corner cupboards we offer. It is stately in design with raised panels and scalloped skirt. W... Read More
$4276 - $4989
Historical Bennington Wall Cupboard Image
Historical Bennington Wall Cupboard
The Historical Bennington Wall Cupboard is built with functionality in mind. It’s smaller size accommodates most homes and makes a wonderful display piece for a hallway, ki... Read More
$3557 - $3953
Historical Philadelphia Wall Cupboard Image
Historical Philadelphia Wall Cupboard
The Historical Philadelphia Wall Cupboard is a great display piece to show off your collection of antique redware or your newest set of china.... Read More
$5956 - $6548
Historical Dusing Bookcase Image
Historical Dusing Bookcase
The Historical Dusing Bookcase would work well in a foyer, hallway or living room. It is handcrafted and American made. It is available in cherry, tiger maple wood a... Read More
$973 - $1155
Historical Butler Corner Cupboard Image
Historical Butler Corner Cupboard
The Historical Butler Corner Cupboard is the perfect accent to any corner in your home. Just like the cupboards that graced farmhouses in the ... Read More
$3667 - $4483
Historical Chimney Cupboard Image
Historical Chimney Cupboard
The Historical Chimney Cupboard is beautifully crafted and the perfect size for any room. This cupboard is elegant and can be used in many roo... Read More
$1732 - $1892
Historical Open Top Chimney Cupboard Image
Historical Open Top Chimney Cupboard
The Historical Open Top Chimney Cupboard is beautifully crafted and the perfect size for any room. This cupboard is elegant and can be used in... Read More
$1732 - $1892
Historical Vernon Hutch Image
Historical Vernon Hutch
The Historical Vernon Hutch offers simple lines, with both storage and display space. Show off your dinnerware or other kitchen collectibles. ... Read More
$4070 - $4890
Raleigh Corner Cupboard Image
Raleigh Corner Cupboard
The Raleigh Corner Cupboard is a cabinet with a classic antique style design. It is a great size with raised panels and ogee feet. Many customer use this in... Read More
Tennessee Wall Cupboard Image
Tennessee Wall Cupboard
The Tennessee Wall Cupboard brings the rustic early American style to your country decor. It can be filled with decorative pieces, country col... Read More
Tiger Maple Shaker Bookcase Image
Tiger Maple Shaker Bookcase
Introducing the Tiger Maple Shaker Bookcase – a masterful blend of simplicity, functionality, and elegant design. This expertly crafted piece exemplifies the unders... Read More
$973 - $1155
Ohio Corner Cupboard Image
Ohio Corner Cupboard
If you have a big house and in need of a large cabinet you should consider the Ohio Corner Cupboard. It has beautiful tombstone doors on the base and ogee fe... Read More
Vermont Dry Sink Image
Vermont Dry Sink
In early America the dry sink was used to hold a basin and pitcher for quick clean up. Today these pieces can be used as storage cabinets, linen chests, liquor... Read More
Historical Pratt
Historical Pratt's Hutch
The Historical Pratt’s Hutch offers simple lines, with both storage and display space. This piece is perfect for displaying your favorite re... Read More
$2663 - $2910
Large Northshore Cupboard Image
Large Northshore Cupboard
The Large Northshore Cupboard is impressive in size and scale. This cabinet has a simple design that would work well in a contemporary or country style home... Read More
Brandywine Hutch Image
Brandywine Hutch
The Brandywine Hutch reminds you of home cooking and warm hearts. Styled from the pieces you find in old country farm houses this piece will m... Read More
Dry Sink Image
Dry Sink
The Dry Sink is a great classic country design that is spacious and can work well in any room. It is also a great top to display any nick-knacks or other hou... Read More
$2450 - $2550
Brinton Cupboard Image
Brinton Cupboard
The Brinton Cupboard has the simple beauty that you would expect to find on a country piece of furniture. Perfect as a bedroom, hallway or eve... Read More
Lehigh Valley Corner Cupboard Image
Lehigh Valley Corner Cupboard
The Lehigh Valley Corner Cupboard is a spacious cupboard that has a beautiful design. Its design can fit in any contemporary or classical style home. This is... Read More
$4625 - $4725
Williams Apothecary Chest Image
Williams Apothecary Chest
Featuring the same versatility that the pharmacists of yesteryear needed, the Williams Apothecary Chest provides you with a multitude of uses ... Read More
Historical Brickerville Corner Cabinet Image
Historical Brickerville Corner Cabinet
The Historical Brickerville Corner Cabinet has a country style design. It is larger in scale and would work perfect in a dining room or family room. In add... Read More
$5492 - $5792
Jelly Cupboard Image
Jelly Cupboard
The Jelly Cupboard is a classical piece that can fit well anywhere in the house. Since it is a desirable size it can work well in any room and can store a my... Read More
$3350 - $3450
Smith Apothecary Cupboard Image
Smith Apothecary Cupboard
With the rustic charm of the Smith Apothecary Cupboard you can bring the feel of well being and coziness to your dining room, living room kitc... Read More
Lancaster County Dutch Cupboard Image
Lancaster County Dutch Cupboard
The Lancaster County Dutch Cupboard is a quaint and simple design with beautifully constructed glass cupboards to display dishes. The spacious design enables... Read More
$6350 - $6450
Historical Readville Jelly Cupboard Image
Historical Readville Jelly Cupboard
The Historical Readville Jelly Cupboard is perfect for many uses, not just storing your dried herbs and spices. For years cupboards such as th... Read More
$1470 - $1887
Historical Philadelphia Bookcase Image
Historical Philadelphia Bookcase
The Historical Philadelphia Bookcase is the perfect piece for an office or library. It is handcrafted and American made. It is available in cherry, tiger m... Read More
$3650 - $3950
Lancaster County Dish Cupboard Image
Lancaster County Dish Cupboard
A Lancaster County Dish Cupboard would be the focal point of most any dining room. Many customers like the scale and design for a more up country home. You c... Read More
China Cabinet Image
China Cabinet
Many of our customers have an ecclectic mix of reproduction and authentic antiques. What better way to display and protect your collection of redware or your m... Read More
Northshore Cupboard Image
Northshore Cupboard
The Northshore Cupboard has simple lines that would work in a dining room or large kitchen. It is a functional piece for storage, serving and display. This... Read More
Small Northshore Cupboard Image
Small Northshore Cupboard
For your smaller room the Small Northshore Cupboard would be a good fit. A simple but functional cabinet that is perfect for display and storage. We offer th... Read More
Dummerston Designer Buffet Image
Dummerston Designer Buffet
Throwing another dinner party? Make serving simpler with the Dummerston Designer Buffet. Prepare your tasty treats in advance... Read More
Otis Open Top Hutch Image
Otis Open Top Hutch
Need a dramatic piece for your dining room? Look no further than the Otis Open Top Hutch. This piece is a wonderful mix of functionality and ... Read More
$4507 - $5634
Belmont Hutch Image
Belmont Hutch
Practicality and purpose are great words to describe the Belmont Hutch. Every part of this piece has a function. The top features doors with viewable glass, ... Read More
$4622 - $5779
Canton Open Top Hutch Image
Canton Open Top Hutch
Display for days! The Canton Open Top Hutch features tons of open storage space. Display your favorite dinnerware – or your treasured collection of pewter steins! There’s almost no limit to what you can showcase with... Read More
$4000 - $5002
Swanton Designer Hutch Image
Swanton Designer Hutch
Spice up your kitchen or dining room spaces with the Swanton Designer Hutch. Display your favorite bowls or protect your colle... Read More
Large Designer Hutch Image
Large Designer Hutch
The Large Designer Hutch would look great in your city apartment or contemporary home. This is an ideal piece for display, storage and serving. Take note to ... Read More
Historical York Hutch Image
Historical York Hutch
The Historical York Hutch is classic country cupboard that would work well in a dining room or kitchen.   ... Read More
$3258 - $4,004
Historical Lancaster Dry Sink Image
Historical Lancaster Dry Sink
The Historical Lancaster Dry Sink would add country style to a dining room, kitchen or family room.     ... Read More
$2098 - $2560
Historical Hartford Corner Cabinet Image
Historical Hartford Corner Cabinet
The Historical Hartford Corner Cabinet has a bold design that would work well in a dining room, living room or large kitchen. We offer thi... Read More
$5093 - $6111
Historical PA Jelly Cupboard Image
Historical PA Jelly Cupboard
The Historical PA Jelly Cupboard is a country classic. This can be used in a farmhouse or as an accent in a contemporary home.   FEATURES: Would work well in any ro... Read More
$3458 - $4278
Historical Conestoga Wall Cupboard Image
Historical Conestoga Wall Cupboard
The Historical Conestoga Wall Cupboard is the ideal hutch for a farmhouse setting.   ... Read More
$4489 - $5235
Historical Boston Hutch Image
Historical Boston Hutch
The Historical Boston Hutch is a substantial piece of furniture that would make any dining room. It is available in cherry wood, tiger maple wood and painted finishes.   FEATURES: ... Read More
$6943 - $8345
Historical Cape Cod Cupboard Image
Historical Cape Cod Cupboard
The Historical Cape Cod Cupboard would work in most any room of the house. It has a classic design and great storage. I like the paneled door and scalloped skirt. This piece is available in tiger maple, cherry and histo... Read More
$1650 - $1750
Historical Bradford Step Back Hutch Image
Historical Bradford Step Back Hutch
The Historical Bradford Step Back Hutch uses the rustic appeal of antique farmhouse cabinets to bring a delightful charm to your home. This an... Read More
$2663 - $3110
Simple Beverly Hutch Image
Simple Beverly Hutch
The Simple Beverly Hutch would work well in a Shaker or Designer Setting. It has a simple design and is available in a variety of finishes. American Made.... Read More
$3232 - $4039
Large Pittsfield Hutch Image
Large Pittsfield Hutch
The Large Pittsfield Hutch would work well in a Shaker or Designer Setting. It has a simple design and is available in a variety of finishes. American Made.... Read More
$4602 - $5752
Small Taylor Bookcase Image
Small Taylor Bookcase
The Small Taylor Bookcase would work well in city apartment or modern setting. Perfect for a family room, living room or o... Read More
$1471 - $1838
Bayview Display Cabinet Image
Bayview Display Cabinet
The Bayview Display Cabinet would work well in a family room, living room or office.  It is available in a variety of woods and finishes. American Made.... Read More
$2015 - $2519
Bayview Credenza Image
Bayview Credenza
The Bayview Credenza would work well in a dining room, family or living room.  It is available in a variety of woods and finishes. American Made.... Read More
$2376 - $2970
Large Taylor Bookcase Image
Large Taylor Bookcase
The Large Taylor Bookcase would work well in city apartment or modern setting. Perfect for a family room, living room or office It is availab... Read More
$2094 - $2618
Park Avenue Bookcase Image
Park Avenue Bookcase
The Park Avenue Bookcase would work well in city apartment or modern setting. Perfect for a family room, living room or office It is availab... Read More
$935 - $1169
Bradford Bookcase Image
Bradford Bookcase
The Bradford Bookcase would work well in a period or cottage home. Perfect for a family room, living room or office It is available in a var... Read More
$2254 - $2818
Wallace Open Top Hutch Image
Wallace Open Top Hutch
The Wallace Open Top Hutch would work well in a dining room or large kitchen. It is available in either cherry or oak in a variety of finishes. American Ma... Read More
$4507 - $5634
Sutton Credenza Image
Sutton Credenza
The Sutton Credenza would look in a great in a designer or city setting.  It is available in a variety of woods and finishes. American Made. ... Read More
$1815 - $2714