Sideboards and hunt boards are the main serving piece of the dining room. We offer a mixture of designs which includes colonial, Early american, country and European. Some of the larger ones would also work well for storage. When working on decorating you new home and have questions on our furniture pieces give us a call at # 1 800 240 6433. Make sure to sign up for our newsletters at the bottom of this page to receive information on product introductions and sales. We ship!



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Dining and Kitchen Furniture
Historical Tennessee Sideboard Image
Historical Tennessee Sideboard
The Historical Tennessee Sideboard is a stately piece with a rustic balance of tiger maple wood and historical painted finish. It features a spacious top that can... Read More
$3493 - $3686
Small Hunt Board Image
Small Hunt Board
The Small Huntboard is a handsome piece with tapered legs and a pleasant, symmetrical appearance. ... Read More
Southern Hunt Board Image
Southern Hunt Board
The Southern Hunt Board has a great formal appearance. It features 5 storage drawers and two small storage compartments, making it an excellent piece for organizing mail, flat... Read More
$4450 - $4550
Hepplewhite Sideboard Image
Hepplewhite Sideboard
The Hepplewhite Sideboard is stylishly designed to work in any setting. The English cabinet maker who this pie... Read More
Large Northshore Sideboard Image
Large Northshore Sideboard
The Large Northshore Sideboard is a handsome piece that is perfect for extra storage. It would be a great addition to any dining room, living room or ha... Read More
New England Serving Table Image
New England Serving Table
The New England Serving Table is built with the style and beauty of the land of our founding fathers. It is great in the dining room but can be used in hallways, living rooms ... Read More
Queen Anne Sideboard Image
Queen Anne Sideboard
The Queen Anne Sideboard is stylishly designed to work in any setting. It is American made and available in cherry or tiger maple wood. ... Read More
Lancaster County Sideboard Image
Lancaster County Sideboard
The Lancaster County Sideboard brings gorgeous finishes and timeless style to your home. Like the county is named after, this piece is built from skill and hard work. Its qual... Read More
Northshore Sideboard Image
Northshore Sideboard
The Northshore Sideboard combines the simple lines of the Colonial period while adding the eye-pleasing accents of beautiful finishes. Country styling doesn’t prevent this p... Read More
Small Hunt Board - Mixed Finish Image
Small Hunt Board - Mixed Finish
An elegant and versatile piece, the Small Hunt Board – Mixed Finish makes a bold statement with its simple lines and gorgeous finish. Equally at home in a country or traditional décor, it fits beautifully in any room... Read More
Historical New Oxford Sideboard Image
Historical New Oxford Sideboard
A Historical New Oxford Sideboard would add country style to your farmhouse. It would work in many settings including the kitchen, dining room and living room. This sideboard has a classic country Queen Anne design.... Read More
$1833 - $2121
Historical Chesapeake Sideboard Image
Historical Chesapeake Sideboard
A Historical Chesapeake Sideboard would well in a dining room, family room or hallway. It is perfect for serving and storage but has a desirable depth. This piece is handcrafted and American made.   ... Read More
$2960 - $3140
Historical Bryn Mawr Buffet Image
Historical Bryn Mawr Buffet
A classic design that is commonly used in a dining room or kitchen is the Historical Bryn Mawr Buffet. This is a functional and attractive piece that can be used for both serving and storage. Features:... Read More
$3040 - $3140
Hunt Board Image
Hunt Board
The Hunt Board is a simple design that would work in many different settings. This design is handcrafted in Gettysburg, PA and available in tiger maple wood or cherry wood. *Features: ... Read More
$2550 - $2650
New England Serving Table - Mixed Finish Image
New England Serving Table - Mixed Finish
The New England Serving Table – Mixed Finish has a desirable Early American style design. It would well in a dining room or hallway. It is a quality piece of furniture. Featu... Read More
Dickenson Sideboard Image
Dickenson Sideboard
The Dickenson Sideboard offers a simple design with attractive tapered legs and multiple drawers for storage. In a hallway or living room, it offers storage for candles, mail or other small trinkets that n... Read More
Historical Hampton Sideboard Image
Historical Hampton Sideboard
The Historical Hampton Sideboard is built with style, elegance and beauty. It is a great addition for the dining room but can be used in hallways, living rooms or most any room in your home. ... Read More
$4032 - $4656
Historical Virginia Sideboard Image
Historical Virginia Sideboard
The Historical Virginia Sideboard is a quality piece of furniture that is American made. It is available in tiger maple, cherry wood or painted finishes. Many customers buy this for the dining room or family room. ... Read More
$3257 - $3495
Franklin Buffet Image
Franklin Buffet
The Franklin Buffet is an excellent addition to any dining room. Effortless entertaining is key here…prepare your hors d’oeuvres before guests arrive, set up your favorite seasonal cockt... Read More
$2399 - $2599
Millport Buffet Image
Millport Buffet
The Millport Buffet is perfect for your kitchen or dining room. Serve from it while entertaining guests, or make it a stunning showpiece with decked out decanters and candleabra! Three drawe... Read More
$2037 - $2237
Dighton Buffet Image
Dighton Buffet
If you like to entertain, consider adding the Dighton Buffet to your furniture collection. This handsome, functional piece allows you to “set it and forget it” by preparing your evening ... Read More
Northeast Buffet Image
Northeast Buffet
The Northeast Buffet is a bit unique in design with its attractive drawer arrangement and stretcher base bottom. A heavily distressed finish and paneled sides round out the piece. Use this buffet in your din... Read More
$2156 - $2356
Designer Demi Lune Cabinet Image
Designer Demi Lune Cabinet
The Designer Demi Lune Cabinet is perfect a dining room, hallway or foyer. This design would add style to your modern, townhouse or in a Contemporary setting. It is available in a variety finishes. Americ... Read More
$1692 - $2447
Manhattan Credenza Image
Manhattan Credenza
The Manhattan Credenza would work well in a dining room, hallway or foyer. This design would add style to your modern, townhouse or in a Contemporary setting. It is available in a variet... Read More
$1921 - $2401
Mount Clair Credenza Image
Mount Clair Credenza
The Mount Clair Credenza would work well in a dining room or large hallway. This design would work well in many different style of homes. It is available in a variety finishes. American ... Read More
$3059 - $3823
Providence Designer Buffet Image
Providence Designer Buffet
The Providence Designer Buffet is a functional piece for a dining room. It is perfect for storage and serving off of. This would work well in a contemporary or period style home. It is American made. Fea... Read More
$3510 - $3836