Canopy, Cannonball, Shaker and Pencil Post Beds

Immerse yourself in the sublime craftsmanship of our extensive bed collection, a testament to American-made artistry and an ode to Country, Colonial, Early American, and Shaker style traditions. From the stately cannonball bed frames that command attention, to the sleek and understated Shaker-style variants, each piece is a symbol of the timeless appeal of quality woodwork. Canopy and Poster bed designs, perfect for adding a touch of romantic whimsy to your space, also the ever-classic pencil post bed models, an epitome of timeless elegance, are just the beginning of the variety we offer. Carefully selected materials lie at the heart of each piece, with the rich and alluring hues of cherry wood and tiger maple wood playing a central role. The painted finishes offer another layer of customization, allowing each piece to resonate with your unique aesthetic preferences. A choice from rustic to primitive finishes ensures that you find a piece that fits your antique setting effortlessly. What sets our pieces apart is not just their inherent beauty, but many are Antique Style Reproduction Beds. Expertly crafted to be more than just a bedroom furniture piece, they are a perfect blend of functionality and style. Available in king, queen, full, and twin sizes, our beds cater to varied requirements without compromising on comfort or style. Step into a world where furniture is more than utilitarian and experience the enchantment of designs that have stood the test of time, and will continue to do so. Welcome to a celebration of American-made craftsmanship that not just complements your bedroom, but elevates it to a whole new level. We recently added a in inventory items – click here section so make sure to check out. If you would like to discuss our pieces call # 1 800 240 6433.

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Bedroom Furniture
Country Acorn Bed Image
Country Acorn Bed
Embrace Cottage Charm with the Country Acorn Bed   Bring a t... Read More
$2196 – $3258
Waynesville Low Post Bed Image
Waynesville Low Post Bed
Seamlessly blending elements of country charm and antique style sophistication, the Waynesville Low Post Bed is an embodiment of superior craftsmanship and tasteful d... Read More
$2379 - $3441
Knox Arched Canopy Bed Image
Knox Arched Canopy Bed
Elevating the aesthetics of any bedroom space, the Knox Arched Canopy Bed is a stunning testament to exceptional craftsmanship and timeless design. Inspired by the el... Read More
$3337 - $4451
Country Cannonball Bed Image
Country Cannonball Bed
Step into a world where tradition meets farmhouse aesthetics with our Country Cannonball Bed, a piece that effortlessly combines the understated elegance of a simple ... Read More
$2420 - $3202
Country Cottage Bed Image
Country Cottage Bed
Embark on a journey through time each night with the Country Cottage Bed, a true masterpiece that embodies the essence of antique style design with a contemporary edg... Read More
$1923 - $2986
Shaker Bed Frame Image
Shaker Bed Frame
Step into a world of simplicity and grace with the American-made Shaker Bed Frame, a seamless union of tradition and modernity. Nestled perfectly in both farmhouses a... Read More
$2148 - $2970
Country Low Poster Bed Image
Country Low Poster Bed
Introducing the Country Low Poster Bed, a piece where the allure of farmhouse style meets the practical needs of modern living. This bed, finely crafted in the USA, i... Read More
$1923 - $2986
Darien Low Post Bed Image
Darien Low Post Bed
Embodying an elegant fusion of country charm and traditional design, the Darien Low Post Bed seamlessly transforms any bedroom into a cozy retreat. This tasteful piec... Read More
$2379 - $3441
Primitive Poster Bed Image
Primitive Poster Bed
Introducing the Primitive Poster Bed, a piece where the rustic charm of farmhouse decor meets the practicality of modern design. This American-made bed, part of our H... Read More
$2148 - $2929
Shaker Pencil Post Bed Image
Shaker Pencil Post Bed
Step into a realm where elegance meets simplicity with the American-made Shaker Pencil Post Bed. Ideal for gracing the primary bedroom or an important guest room, thi... Read More
$2674 - $3742
Farmhouse Style Bed Image
Farmhouse Style Bed
Indulge in a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity with the Farmhouse Style Bed. An exquisite representation of American craftsmanship, this bed is a tribute to ... Read More
$3060 - $4306
Shaker Bed Image
Shaker Bed
Discover the essence of tranquility and comfort with our beloved Shaker Bed. Crafted meticulously in the USA, this popular model encapsulates simplicity and elegance,... Read More
$2148 - $2970
Shaker Style Bed Image
Shaker Style Bed
Unveil a sanctuary of tranquility and understated elegance with the Shaker Style Bed. This American-made masterpiece encapsulates the ethos of Shaker decor, which rev... Read More
$2148 - $2970
Poster Bed Image
Poster Bed
Embark on a journey of luxurious comfort and timeless elegance with the American-made Poster Bed. Seamlessly fitting into a diverse array of settings, from a classic ... Read More
$2694 - $3762
Farmhouse Cannonball Bed Image
Farmhouse Cannonball Bed
Embrace the warmth and timeless beauty of country living with the Farmhouse Cannonball Bed. Crafted to be the centerpiece of any bedroom, this bed seamlessly combines... Read More
$2148 - $2929
Country Poster Bed Image
Country Poster Bed
Introducing the Country Poster Bed, an American-made treasure that brings a touch of traditional elegance to the primary bedroom or guest room. This bed, with its dis... Read More
$2196 - $3258
Country Style Bed Image
Country Style Bed
Discover the quintessential embodiment of rustic elegance with the Country Style Bed, a true testament to American craftsmanship and a standout feature in any bedroom... Read More
$3333 - $4578
Farmhouse Acorn Bed Image
Farmhouse Acorn Bed
Seamlessly blending elements of rustic charm and modern sophistication, the Farmhouse Acorn Bed is a true masterpiece that bridges the gap between antique style desig... Read More
$2379 - $3441
Barnet Low Poster Bed Image
Barnet Low Poster Bed
Unifying elegance with simplicity, the Barnet Low Poster Bed is a masterpiece of American craftsmanship. Its beautifully subtle design making it a timeless bedroom pi... Read More
$2105 – $3382
Newton Poster Bed Image
Newton Poster Bed
Bring an air of antique elegance and period style to your bedroom with the Newton Poster Bed. A classic four-poster bed, it beautifully exemplifies a timeless design that adds a touch of drama and sophistication to your home. The... Read More
$3063 - $4177
Antique Style Bed Image
Antique Style Bed
Step into a realm where historical elegance meets modern comfort with the Antique Style Bed, an American made creation that effortlessly fuses period decor with a des... Read More
$3060 - $4306
Forest Hills Cannonball Bed Image
Forest Hills Cannonball Bed
Combining classic elements with a bold aesthetic, the Forest Hills Cannonball Bed is a testament to expert craftsmanship and attention to detail. This piece is an ant... Read More
$3516 - $4761
Grafton Pencil Post Bed Image
Grafton Pencil Post Bed
The Grafton Pencil Post Bed exudes understated elegance and a timeless charm that will make it the centerpiece of any bedroom. Perfect for a country-style home, a qua... Read More
$2762 – $4139
Farmhouse Low Poster Bed Image
Farmhouse Low Poster Bed
In the quaint corners of rural America, where the charm of the past is lovingly preserved, our Farmhouse Low Poster Bed finds its inspiration. Designed ... Read More
$2148 - $2929
American Made Cannonball Bed Image
American Made Cannonball Bed
Discover the Timeless Charm of the American Made Cannonball Bed   ... Read More
$1923 – $2986
Bloomfield Low Poster Bed Image
Bloomfield Low Poster Bed
Revel in the tranquility of the Bloomfield Low Poster Bed. Its straightforward design, distinguished by a classic country thistle motif and elegantly shaped headboard... Read More
$2105 – $3382
Roanoke Thistle Bed Image
Roanoke Thistle Bed
Imbued with a classic charm and a sense of country comfort, the Roanoke Thistle Bed is a true testament to age-old craftsmanship. Perfect for a country home or a peri... Read More
$3945 – $5521
Long Island Bell and Ball Bed Image
Long Island Bell and Ball Bed
Emanating elegance and timeless appeal, the Long Island Bell and Ball Bed is the epitome of classic design, impeccably suited for a country home, a period-style home,... Read More
$3581 – $5157
Nicholson Poster Bed Image
Nicholson Poster Bed
Experience the charm of tradition with the Nicholson Poster Bed, a perfect amalgamation of classic design and modern luxury. This bedroom piece, inspired by the elega... Read More
$3247 - $4360
Shaker Canopy Bed Image
Shaker Canopy Bed
Dive into a world of timeless elegance and comforting stability with the American-crafted Shaker Canopy Bed, a piece that redefines sophistication with a touch of rur... Read More
$2992 – $4060
Elmore Low Post Bed Image
Elmore Low Post Bed
Introducing the Elmore Low Post Bed, a traditional design with contemporary craftsmanship. This bedroom piece, designed with a touch of antiquity, it’s a great fit ... Read More
$2105 – $3382
Madison Tulip Bed Image
Madison Tulip Bed
Step into a world of timeless elegance with the Madison Tulip Bed. This bedroom piece, which features a charming rolling pin headboard and delightful tulip motifs on ... Read More
$2862 - $4088
Sleigh Bed Image
Sleigh Bed
Immerse yourself in the classic elegance of yesteryears with the Antique Style Sleigh Bed. This American-made bedroom piece is an exquisite recreation of the traditio... Read More
$4350 - $5250
Wayne Bell and Ball Bed Image
Wayne Bell and Ball Bed
Unveil a world of timeless elegance with the Wayne Bell and Ball Bed. This bedroom centerpiece, a tribute to early American craftsmanship, embodies antique style in a... Read More
$3126 – $4702
Bakersfield Low Poster Bed Image
Bakersfield Low Poster Bed
Experience the rustic charm of the countryside with the Bakersfield Low Poster Bed. This bedroom showpiece perfectly encapsulates the essence of antique style, bringi... Read More
$2352 - $3654
Litchfield Four Poster Bed Image
Litchfield Four Poster Bed
Experience the perfect blend of classic elegance with our Litchfield Four Poster Bed. This expertly crafted piece, with its time-honored design, adds an air of grace ... Read More
$2791 – $3905
Wilson Shaker Bed Image
Wilson Shaker Bed
The Wilson Shaker Bed is a testament to the time-honored craft of the Shakers, capturing their ethos of simplicity, functionality, and impeccable workmanship. With it... Read More
$2105 – $3382
Charlotte Arched Canopy Bed Image
Charlotte Arched Canopy Bed
Embrace a sense of historic elegance with the Charlotte Arched Canopy Bed, a stunning piece of antique-style reproduction furniture that exudes timeless allure. This ... Read More
$3970 - $5113
Weston Low Post Bed Image
Weston Low Post Bed
Experience a return to humble elegance with the Weston Low Post Bed, an antique-style reproduction that perfectly blends the lines of tradition and minimalism. Charac... Read More
$2105 – $3382
Vermont Bell and Cannonball Bed Image
Vermont Bell and Cannonball Bed
Enrich your dwelling with the Vermont Bell and Cannonball Bed, a beautiful piece of furniture art, harmonizing classical design with timeless charm. The Vermont Bell ... Read More
$3126 – $4737
Massachusetts Cannonball Bed Image
Massachusetts Cannonball Bed
The Massachusetts Cannonball Bed is an impressive manifestation of antique style and outstanding craftsmanship. The cannonball motifs and rolling pin headboard add a ... Read More
$3581 – $5157
Raleigh Tulip Bed Image
Raleigh Tulip Bed
Experience a touch of classic grace with the Raleigh Tulip Bed, a reproduction piece that beautifully encapsulates the elegance of antique-style furniture. Distinguis... Read More
$2473 - $4029
Leydon Pencil Post Bed with Canopy Image
Leydon Pencil Post Bed with Canopy
Introducing the Leydon Pencil Post Bed with Canopy, an exquisite bedroom piece that embodies the spirit of antique style reproduction while flawlessly fitting into mo... Read More
$3080 - $4457
Sinclair Cannonball Bed Image
Sinclair Cannonball Bed
The Sinclair Cannonball Bed is a manifestation of classic American design and a nod to our rich colonial history. Impeccably crafted with a cannonball motif – a sym... Read More
$3490 - $5066
Lee Low Post Bed Image
Lee Low Post Bed
Elevate your bedroom with the Lee Low Post Bed, a beautifully crafted antique-style reproduction that exudes the warmth and simplicity of country living. Whether you?... Read More
$2214 – $3398
Gettysburg Poster Bed Image
Gettysburg Poster Bed
Introducing the Gettysburg Poster Bed, a timeless bedroom piece that perfectly embodies the elegance and sophistication of period style. Whether you’re enhancing a ... Read More
$3187 - $4269
Spencer Pencil Post Bed with Canopy Image
Spencer Pencil Post Bed with Canopy
Introducing the Spencer Pencil Post Bed with Canopy, an opulent bedroom piece that flawlessly merges function and style. Crafted with the simple charm of Shaker-style... Read More
$3080 – $4457
Lancaster Thistle Bed Image
Lancaster Thistle Bed
Meet the Lancaster Thistle Bed, a charming piece that perfectly captures the essence of country-style living. An exquisite choice for both a beach house or a country ... Read More
$3490 – $5066
York Arched Canopy Bed Image
York Arched Canopy Bed
Introducing the York Arched Canopy Bed, an antique-style reproduction bedroom piece that seamlessly blends history with elegance. With its distinctive arched canopy a... Read More
$4242 - $5385
Four Poster Bed Image
Four Poster Bed
Nestled amidst the artistic lineage of American craftsmanship, emerges our Four Poster Bed, an epitome of simplicity and sophistication, set to grace a myriad of home... Read More
$2674 - $3742
Sutton Tulip Bed Image
Sutton Tulip Bed
Welcome the Sutton Tulip Bed, an antique-style reproduction that effortlessly merges the timeless elegance of history with refined simplicity. Boasting turned posts a... Read More
$2745 – $4301
Tennessee Acorn Bed Image
Tennessee Acorn Bed
Introducing the Tennessee Acorn Bed, an antique-style reproduction exuding boldness and a unique sense of style. With intriguing acorn motifs on top of the sturdily t... Read More
$3581 – $5192
Wayland Pencil Post Bed Image
Wayland Pencil Post Bed
Introducing the Wayland Pencil Post Bed, an antique-style reproduction that boasts a simple yet classic design. Adaptable to various interiors, this stunning bedroom ... Read More
$2762 – $4139
Georgia Acorn Bed Image
Georgia Acorn Bed
Introducing the Georgia Acorn Bed, a bold and striking bedroom piece that effortlessly infuses classic design elements with a country style twist. With its availabili... Read More
$3945 – $5521
Greensboro Poster Bed Image
Greensboro Poster Bed
Welcome the Greensboro Poster Bed, a bold and classic bedroom piece with a nod to antique design. It comes in a range of sizes – twin, full, queen, and king – making it a perfect fit for a farmhouse, a cottage, or as an engag... Read More
$3424 – $4567
Beekman Acorn Bed Image
Beekman Acorn Bed
Discover the Beekman Acorn Bed, a strikingly bold bedroom piece that captures the essence of rustic aesthetics and the elegance of classic design. This bed, available... Read More
$3366 – $4702
Millis Pencil Post Bed Image
Millis Pencil Post Bed
The Millis Pencil Post Bed is the epitome of minimalist elegance, blending perfectly into the decor of country-style homes, cozy cottages, or as a serene accent in a ... Read More
$2762 – $4139
North Carolina Arched Canopy Bed Image
North Carolina Arched Canopy Bed
A majestic addition to any sleeping space, the North Carolina Arched Canopy Bed is more than just a place to rest; it’s a testament to a timeless aest... Read More
$3701 - $4815
Salem Low Post Bed Image
Salem Low Post Bed
Imbued with the charm of simplicity, the Salem Low Post Bed brings a harmonious blend of style and utility to your sleeping quarters. Designed with a keen appreciatio... Read More
$2270 – $3654
Durham Poster Bed Image
Durham Poster Bed
Introducing the Durham Poster Bed, a beautiful blend of form and function that enriches your sleeping quarters with its historical charm and timeless elegance. Perfec... Read More
$3424 – $4567
Greenville Low Post Bed Image
Greenville Low Post Bed
Experience the blend of timeless design and modern practicality with the Greenville Low Post Bed. Ideal for country homes, salt box houses, and beach houses, this ver... Read More
$2270 – $3654
Pencil Post Bed with Canopy Image
Pencil Post Bed with Canopy
Introducing our elegant and distinctive Pencil Post Bed with Canopy, a timeless centerpiece that exudes classic charm and warm sophistication. This American-made mast... Read More
$3605 - $4283
Charleston Bell and Ball Bed Image
Charleston Bell and Ball Bed
The Charleston Bell and Ball Bed seamlessly blends the sturdiness of farmhouse design with the elegance of antique style, creating a timeless bedroom piece that feels right at home in a range of settings. This bed is a perfect ma... Read More
$3945 - $5556
Historical Montgomery Cannonball Bed Image
Historical Montgomery Cannonball Bed
Imbued with a blend of tradition and timeless elegance, the Historical Montgomery Cannonball Bed is a unique bedroom piece that exudes both strength and grace. Its bo... Read More
$3126 – $4702
Somerset Four Poster Bed Image
Somerset Four Poster Bed
The Somerset Four Poster Bed, a beautiful piece of bedroom furniture, effortlessly exudes a sense of grace and warmth. Adorned with Sheraton-style turned posts, this ... Read More
$3696 - $4839
Historical Gettysburg Cannonball Bed Image
Historical Gettysburg Cannonball Bed
The Historical Gettysburg Cannonball Bed, a distinguished bedroom furniture piece, lends an air of warmth and a touch of historical authenticity to any space. This be... Read More
$3490 – $5066
Castle Hill Arched Canopy Bed Image
Castle Hill Arched Canopy Bed
The Castle Hill Arched Canopy Bed, an impressive bedroom furniture piece, brings a touch of elegance and historical authenticity to any bedroom setting. With Sheraton... Read More
$3337 – $4451
Cherry Hill Thistle Bed Image
Cherry Hill Thistle Bed
The Cherry Hill Thistle Bed, a distinctive piece of bedroom furniture, embodies a sense of beauty and authenticity that blends well into a farmhouse, cottage, or beac... Read More
$3126 – $4702
Beverly Poster Bed Image
Beverly Poster Bed
The Beverly Poster Bed, a refined piece of bedroom furniture, seamlessly blends form and function. Crafted with Sheraton-style turned posts, this bed is perfectly sui... Read More
$2791 – $3905
Kentucky Bell and Cannonball Bed Image
Kentucky Bell and Cannonball Bed
The Kentucky Bell and Cannonball Bed, an evocative piece of bedroom furniture, infuses your space with an undeniable historical essence. Marked by its bell and cannon... Read More
$3490 – $5247
Hamlin Arched Canopy Poster Bed Image
Hamlin Arched Canopy Poster Bed
The Hamlin Arched Canopy Poster Bed, an illustrious piece of bedroom furniture, seamlessly merges the historical aura of the Colonial and Early American style with a sense of regal refinement. Suitable for any bedroom and ideal f... Read More
$3337 – $4451
Harwich Poster Bed Image
Harwich Poster Bed
Breathe in the timeless elegance of the Harwich Poster Bed, a fine specimen of bedroom furniture that infuses any space with a sense of classic sophistication. Whethe... Read More
$2659 – $3814
Harrisonburg Tulip Bed Image
Harrisonburg Tulip Bed
Infuse your bedroom with the quaint appeal of the Harrisonburg Tulip Bed, a premium piece of bedroom furniture designed to elevate your sleeping quarters with its bea... Read More
$2740 – $4245
Connecticut Bell and Ball Bed Image
Connecticut Bell and Ball Bed
Experience classic design with our Connecticut Bell and Ball Bed. Crafted in the USA, this bed epitomizes an antique reproduction style, making it a wonderful addition to a colonial or early American style home. &... Read More
$4743 - $5422
Foster Cannonball Bed Image
Foster Cannonball Bed
Elevate your bedroom with the epitome of strength and grace – the Foster Cannonball Bed. This classic piece of bedroom furniture weaves historical nuances into a ti... Read More
$3126 – $4702
Harrison Arched Canopy Bed Image
Harrison Arched Canopy Bed
Immerse yourself in the elegant tranquility of the past with the Harrison Arched Canopy Bed. A stunning piece of bedroom furniture that blends seamlessly into Colonia... Read More
$3970 – $5113
Ludlow Low Poster Bed Image
Ludlow Low Poster Bed
Surrender yourself to the whimsy of the Ludlow Low Poster Bed, a classic piece of bedroom furniture that encapsulates the elegance of a bygone era. Available in twin,... Read More
$2270 – $3654
Lexington Arched Canopy Bed Image
Lexington Arched Canopy Bed
Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Lexington Arched Canopy bed, a striking piece of bedroom furniture that combines the timeless beauty of antique style with the... Read More
$4242 – $5385
Baldwin Tulip Bed Image
Baldwin Tulip Bed
Step into the realm of simplicity and elegance with the Baldwin Tulip Bed, an impressive piece of bedroom furniture inspired by the natural beauty of the tulip. This ... Read More
$2473 – $4029
Cottage Poster Bed Image
Cottage Poster Bed
In the tranquil corners of your getaway country cottage, where simplicity marries style, the Cottage Poster Bed stands as a testament to understated elegance and clas... Read More
$2694 – $3762
Winhall Tulip Bed Image
Winhall Tulip Bed
Delve into the realm of timeless elegance and charm with the Winhall Tulip Bed, a piece of bedroom furniture that is as memorable as it is luxurious. This tastefully ... Read More
$3012 – $4517
Hamlin Tulip Bed Image
Hamlin Tulip Bed
Experience the artistry of the Hamlin Tulip Bed, a stellar bedroom furniture piece that captures the essence of country living with its tulip motif on the turned post... Read More
$2473 – $4029
Dorset Cannonball Bed Image
Dorset Cannonball Bed
Experience country living with the Dorset Cannonball Bed. This beautifully designed bed exhibits a scalloped headboard that echoes the grace of nature. The turned pos... Read More
$3398 – $4974
Macon Poster Bed Image
Macon Poster Bed
Introducing the Macon Poster Bed, a remarkable piece of bedroom furniture that perfectly marries traditional design and contemporary comfort. With its Sheraton style ... Read More
$3696 – $4839
Chippendale Style Canopy Bed Image
Chippendale Style Canopy Bed
Immerse yourself in the world of elegance and refined style with the Chippendale Style Canopy Bed, a sophisticated and grand piece of bedroom furniture. This bed, wit... Read More
$6383 - $7706
Charlton Low Poster Bed Image
Charlton Low Poster Bed
Introducing the Charlton Low Poster Bed, a delightful addition to any bedroom that resonates with the classic country design. With a captivating cannonball motif at t... Read More
$2105 – $3382
Addison Low Poster Bed Image
Addison Low Poster Bed
Immerse yourself in a serene sleep experience with the Addison Low Poster Bed. This exquisite piece, inspired by a classic country design, radiates a comforting, welc... Read More
$2105 – $3382
Chippendale Style Four Poster Bed Image
Chippendale Style Four Poster Bed
Introducing the Chippendale Style Four Poster Bed, a marvelous masterpiece that effortlessly merges traditional design with exceptional workmanship. As ... Read More
$6065 - $7388
Hopedale Low Poster Bed Image
Hopedale Low Poster Bed
Introducing the Hopedale Low Poster Bed, a tasteful nod to classic country style design. As part of our Historical series, this antique-style reproduction exudes an u... Read More
$2105 – $3382
Marshfield Cannonball Style Bed Image
Marshfield Cannonball Style Bed
The Marshfield Cannonball Style Bed is an ideal centerpiece for a bedroom, carrying with it the charm of classic country design. Adorned with bold turned posts and ca... Read More
$3126 – $4702
Monticello Country Style Tulip Bed Image
Monticello Country Style Tulip Bed
From the moment you lay eyes on the Monticello Country Style Tulip Bed, you are taken in by the elegance and simplicity that embodies the best of classic country desi... Read More
$2473 – $4029
Wicklow Shaker Low Post Bed Image
Wicklow Shaker Low Post Bed
The Wicklow Shaker Low Post Bed is an ideal selection for those seeking simplicity blended with elegance. It’s an exquisite addition to any bedroom, showcasing a cl... Read More
$2105 – $3382
Richmond Bell and Ball Bed Image
Richmond Bell and Ball Bed
The Richmond Bell and Ball Bed is a captivating blend of classic country design and appealing aesthetics. Ideal for a farmhouse, a quaint cottage, or even as an eye-c... Read More
$3126 – $4702
Country Four Poster Bed Image
Country Four Poster Bed
In the heart of a country home, where the whispers of nature seamlessly blend with the indoors, the Country Four Poster Bed stands as an iconic centerpiece, imbuing t... Read More
$2674 – $3742
Stoughton Low Post Bed Image
Stoughton Low Post Bed
The Stoughton Low Post Bed manifests the spirit of classic country style, presenting an ideal choice for those who appreciate the serene simplicity of rustic design. ... Read More
$2105 – $3382
Philadelphia Bell and Ball Bed Image
Philadelphia Bell and Ball Bed
The Philadelphia Bell and Ball Bed embodies a classic country design, offering a remarkable blend of simplicity and elegance. This bed is a versatile choice for a var... Read More
$3126 – $4702
Queen Anne Style Canopy Bed Image
Queen Anne Style Canopy Bed
The Queen Anne Style Canopy Bed is a striking piece that embodies a classic design, drawing inspiration from the period style. This bed is a fitting choice for a vari... Read More
$4553 - $5779
Essex Pencil Post Bed with Canopy Image
Essex Pencil Post Bed with Canopy
Presenting the Essex Pencil Post Bed with Canopy, a tasteful fusion of simplicity and classic country design. This bed is a versatile piece that suits a range of home... Read More
$3080 – $4457
Hampden Cannonball Bed Image
Hampden Cannonball Bed
The Hampden Cannonball Bed, an appealing piece of furniture that perfectly embodies classic American design. Inspired by the strength and resilience symbolized by the... Read More
$3126 – $4702
Stonington Acorn Bed Image
Stonington Acorn Bed
The Stonington Acorn Bed, a remarkable blend of classic country design and intricate detailing, is a charming addition to any home. Drawing on the symbolism of the acorn as a sign of good luck, patience, and the rewards of dilige... Read More
$3126 – $4702
Stockbridge Thistle Bed Image
Stockbridge Thistle Bed
The Stockbridge Thistle Bed, with its unique thistle motifs and whimsical country design, is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a statement of personality. T... Read More
$4034 - $5610
Cornith Pencil Post Bed with Canopy Image
Cornith Pencil Post Bed with Canopy
The Cornith Pencil Post Bed with Canopy serves as a regal centerpiece for any bedroom. Its striking design, marked by tapered pencil posts and a whimsical scalloped h... Read More
$3352 – $4729
Wolcott Low Poster Bed Image
Wolcott Low Poster Bed
The Wolcott Low Poster Bed epitomizes simplicity and elegance, showcasing the beauty in unadorned design. The bed’s distinctive feature lies in its basic, triangular headboard and simple posts, which lend a calming serenity to ... Read More
$2105 – $3382
Queen Anne Four Poster Bed Image
Queen Anne Four Poster Bed
The Queen Anne Four Poster Bed exudes an elegance that is bold and refined. Showcasing turned posts and Queen Anne style legs, this exquisite piece of furniture embod... Read More
$4235 - $5461
Putney Pencil Post Bed Image
Putney Pencil Post Bed
The Putney Pencil Post Bed showcases a harmonious blend of elegance and simplicity. Its standout features – the tapered pencil posts and whimsical scalloped headboa... Read More
$3034 – $4411
Berwyn Thistle Bed Image
Berwyn Thistle Bed
The Berwyn Thistle Bed is a distinguished piece of furniture that embodies the spirit of classic country design. Its turned posts with captivating thistle motifs, alo... Read More
$3490 – $5066
Historical Crompton Arched Canopy Bed Image
Historical Crompton Arched Canopy Bed
The Historical Crompton Arched Canopy Bed is a remarkable piece that speaks to a sense of nostalgia while encapsulating the essence of classical design. This bed is a... Read More
$3878 – $5021
Canton Pencil Post Bed Image
Canton Pencil Post Bed
The Canton Pencil Post Bed, an antique reproduction style bed, skillfully bridges the past and present, bringing an element of history into the comforts of the contem... Read More
$2762 – $4139
Clayville Poster Bed Image
Clayville Poster Bed
The Clayville Poster Bed is a sanctuary of comfort, providing a heartwarming refuge after a long day. This antique reproduction bed, with its turned posts and scallop... Read More
$3332 – $4294
Monroe Pencil Post with Canopy Bed Image
Monroe Pencil Post with Canopy Bed
Embrace the elegance of bygone eras with the Monroe Pencil Post with Canopy Bed. This bed exhibits a perfect balance of simplicity and grandeur, infusing any bedroom ... Read More
$3080 – $4457
American Made Shaker Bed Image
American Made Shaker Bed
Discover the fusion of simplicity and elegance with the American Made Shaker Bed. Showcasing the timeless beauty of the Shaker design, this bed embodies the essence o... Read More
$2148 - $2970
Simple Designer Panel Bed Image
Simple Designer Panel Bed
Introducing the Simple Designer Panel Bed, a blend of elegance and simplicity that beautifully complements a contemporary or modern style home. Made in the USA, this ... Read More
$3688 - $4231
Sheraton Poster Bed Image
Sheraton Poster Bed
Embrace the elegance of the Sheraton Poster Bed, a testament to craftsmanship and tasteful design. Made in the USA, this bed serves as an exceptional addition to a Co... Read More
$3450 - $4128
Bolton Designer Bed Image
Bolton Designer Bed
Step into the realm of modern elegance with the Bolton Designer Bed. Skillfully made in the USA, this bed makes a robust statement in any bedroom. Its unique design and striking features complement modern and contemporary style h... Read More
$3644 - $4187
Jamestown Low Poster Bed Image
Jamestown Low Poster Bed
Introducing the Jamestown Low Poster Bed, a desirable piece of furniture that captures a perfect blend of functionality and design. Crafted in the USA, this bed adds ... Read More
$2374 - $3052
Empire Bed Image
Empire Bed
Experience the majesty and rugged elegance of the Empire Bed, crafted to resonate with those who appreciate the feel of a cabin, lodge, or even a beach house. The dis... Read More
$4570 - $5926
Washington Pencil Post Bed with Canopy Image
Washington Pencil Post Bed with Canopy
Take a step back into a time of exquisite craftsmanship with the Washington Pencil Post Bed with Canopy. This bed is the perfect combination of simplicity and grandeu... Read More
$3080 – $4457
Virginia Low Poster Bed Image
Virginia Low Poster Bed
The Virginia Low Poster Bed captures a blend of comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, perfect for transforming any bedroom into a serene retreat. Its classic ... Read More
$2105 – $3382
Delaware Four Poster Arched Canopy Bed Image
Delaware Four Poster Arched Canopy Bed
The Delaware Four Poster Arched Canopy Bed brings a grand sense of refinement and country elegance to your bedroom. Perfect for a large farmhouse or colonial home, th... Read More
$3337 – $4451
Syracuse Pencil Post Bed Image
Syracuse Pencil Post Bed
The Syracuse Pencil Post Bed, a noteworthy addition to our Historical series, encapsulates the allure of the classic country design. This bed, crafted in the USA, boa... Read More
$2762 – $4139
Ohio Low Poster Bed Image
Ohio Low Poster Bed
Presenting the Ohio Low Poster Bed, a stellar product from our Historical series, meticulously crafted to bring a traditional country aesthetic to your ... Read More
$2105 – $3382
Wilmington Four Poster Bed Image
Wilmington Four Poster Bed
Unveiling the Wilmington Four Poster Bed, a classic piece of bedroom furniture that perfectly complements a farmhouse or colonial home style. Its Sheraton-style turne... Read More
$2791 – $3905
American Made Poster Bed Image
American Made Poster Bed
Immersed amidst the modern city’s heartbeat, where apartments echo a rich tapestry of contemporary and simplistic aesthetics, the American Made Poster Bed serves as... Read More
$2694 – $3762
Alexandria Cannonball Style Bed Image
Alexandria Cannonball Style Bed
Presenting the Alexandria Cannonball Style Bed – a historical reproduction that pays homage to traditional country designs. A bed designed to create an ambiance of ... Read More
$3762 – $5338