Shaker Style Bed

$2148 – $2970

Unveil a sanctuary of tranquility and understated elegance with the Shaker Style Bed. This American-made masterpiece encapsulates the ethos of Shaker decor, which reveres simplicity and functionality, making it a highly desirable design addition to any home setting. Whether nestled in a country-style home, a bustling city apartment, or serving as a striking accent piece in a family beach house, it promises to bring a harmonious balance of comfort and style.


Imagine this bed as the focal point in your bedroom. Its clean lines and well-defined structure contribute to a restful ambiance, allowing your stresses to melt away each time you retreat into its embrace. Picture it melded into a simplistic country interior, where its subtle design elements resonate with the tranquil surroundings, or envision it bringing a touch of timeless grace to a modern city dwelling, offering a serene escape amidst the urban chaos.


Crafted with an exemplary attention to detail, it features a simplistic posts and headboard, enhancing its visual appeal and lending a contemporary touch to its surroundings. The array of finishes available allows you to tailor it to your preference, with options ranging from the rich Cherry Wood in a standard stain or a natural cherry finish to the textured allure of historical painted finishes.


Available in an array of sizes including King, Queen, Full, and Twin, this bed ensures a harmonious fit in any room, making it a versatile choice for diverse spaces.


Product Specifications:


Design: Shaker Style Bed
Detailing: Simple Posts and Headboard
Options: Cherry Wood – Standard Stain, Natural Cherry Finish, Historical Painted Finishes
Pictured In: Queen Size, Cherry Wood – Standard Stain
Origin: Made in the USA
Series: Shaker Style – Designer Series


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Queen Size Height: 42 in.
Queen Size Width: 65 in.
Queen Size Depth: 85 in.




Historical Painted Finish – Twin, Full & Queen Size: $2,148
Cherry Wood – Twin, Full & Queen Size: $2,470
Historical Painted Finish – King Size: $2,648
Cherry Wood – King Size: $2,970


Call for pricing on tiger maple wood.


Item Number: 1936


Invite a blend of tradition and modernity into your home with the Shaker Style Bed, a piece that promises longevity and timeless appeal.


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