Our antiques experience has led us to offer Windsor chairs, farm tables, country furniture and other early American furniture with an emphasis on authentic form and surface finishes. This country decor has character that will be appreciated by your family for generations to come.

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We have hundreds of lights. Paul hates to have to take them down when I come shoot furniture. I'm sure they aren't fun. We sell a lot of lights, and have many different styles from which to choose.

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Bedroom Furniture

Beds, Chest of Drawers, Bedroom Stands

Dining & Kitchen

Tables, Chairs, Stools, Cabinets

Livingroom Furniture

Benches, Entertainment Centers, Stands


Grandfather Clocks, Braided Rugs


Chandeliers, Lamps, Hanging Lights


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Furniture for your country, Early American, Shaker and colonial style home.

Welcome to our online furniture store collection of Country, Shaker, Colonial, and Early American style furniture, a realm where tradition, artistry, and quality blend into an ensemble of timeless elegance. Our ethos is deeply rooted in American craftsmanship, reflected in most every furniture piece we offer. Explore our bedroom furniture, drenched in comfort and serenity – our beds, spacious chest of drawers, or functional bedside stands, each inviting tranquility into your personal sanctuary, and revel in the timeless allure of solid woods such as Tiger Maple and Cherry, beautifully juxtaposed with our primitve painted finishes. Transition into our kitchen and dining room collections, where farm tables, rustic kitchen tables, and inviting Windsor chairs radiate the warm, homely charm reminiscent of heartfelt family gatherings. Our living room range showcases an array of pieces from benches to versatile coffee tables and entertainment centers, each meticulously crafted to stage shared moments and personal relaxation. Illuminate your exterior space with our outdoor lighting range, with fixtures designed for functionality and aesthetics, bestowing a captivating glow to your surroundings, whether you seek robust post lights, sophisticated outdoor wall sconces, or charming hanging lights, our collection promises to light up your world. Browse through our in-inventory section to discover a diverse tapestry of designs, varying from the simple elegance of Shaker style to the intricate details of classic designs, each a versatile palette for your home décor needs. Our commitment is to bring you American made furniture, combining the essence of historical craftsmanship with modern durability and aesthetics, echoing a tale of timeless elegance, where each piece narrates the enduring beauty of American craftsmanship. In addition to our online furniture store we have a showroom in Lancaster County, PA. If you have any questions call us anytime at # 1 800 240 6433. Make sure to check out our in inventory section by clicking here. We are a small family owned business.