Desk are the main piece in an office. The secretary desks are many times the focal point of a living room. We offer desks for either room. They are American made and available in a variety of finishes. If you have a questions on one of them call us at # 1 800 240 6433. In addition to our website we have a store in Lancaster County, PA. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page to receive information on new product introductions and sales. We just added a in inventory items – click here section so make sure to check out.

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Living Room Furniture
Historical Plantation Desk Image
Historical Plantation Desk
The Historical Plantation Desk is an antique desk form and is thought to have been originally used as a mail desk by postmen. The form has be... Read More
Historical Executive Desk Image
Historical Executive Desk
The Historical Executive Desk is a serious piece of furniture.  It has a classic Chippendale design with raised panels and ogee feet. Take note to the raised panels on underside of desk. It is available ... Read More
$6400 - $6500
Historical Chippendale File Cabinet Image
Historical Chippendale File Cabinet
The Historical Chippendale File Cabinet has a classic design that would well in a period style setting. This is the perfect file cabinet to blend in with your antique furnishings. Take note to the Chippendale feet. Ame... Read More
$2333 - $2559
Historical Philadelphia Desk Image
Historical Philadelphia Desk
The Historical Philadelphia Desk would work well in a period style setting. It is available in cherry wood, tiger maple wood and historical painted finishes. Handcrafted and American made.   ... Read More
$2648- $2852
Strasburg Writing Desk Image
Strasburg Writing Desk
Imagine a quiet afternoon at the Strasburg Writing Desk reading your favorite author’s latest novel and sipping your favorite beverage. It’s the perfect place to relax with reading materials but also serves as an exc... Read More
Historical Computer Desk Image
Historical Computer Desk
A computer desk that would work well in a antique style setting is the Historical Computer Desk. Take note to the classic stretcher base design. This desk has a drop down drawer front where you can set a keyboard. ... Read More
$2648 - $2852
Historical Savannah Plantation Desk Image
Historical Savannah Plantation Desk
The Historical Savannah Plantation Desk would work well in a Country living room or larger bedroom. American made.   FEATURES: ... Read More
$2750 - $3005
Chicago Desk Image
Chicago Desk
The Chicago Desk is the perfect piece for work or home office. It has a desirable design with breadboard ends, tapered legs and three dovetailed drawers. It is available in tiger maple wood or cherry wood.  ... Read More
$2750 - $2850
Country Secretary Desk Image
Country Secretary Desk
The Country Secretary Desk is the perfect place to fill out holiday cards and sentiments to your friends and family. The contrasting exterior and interior give it an attractiv... Read More
Historical File Cabinet Image
Historical File Cabinet
The Historical File Cabinet has a Chippendale design that would well in a period style setting. This is the perfect file cabinet to blend in with your antique furnishings. Take note to the bracket feet.  ... Read More
$2,014 - $2,240
Morgan Desk Chair Image
Morgan Desk Chair
The Morgan Desk Chair is the ideal office chair. There are many upholstery options and it is available in a number different finishes. American made.   Features: Versatil... Read More
$971 - $1079