Pie Safes

Pie Safes are the perfect piece for a country kitchen or dining room. All of the pie safes in this section are handcrafted right here in Pennsylvania with superior craftsmanship. They are made out of solid wood and have aged tins. Call us at # 1 800 240 6433 if you have any questions on any of our pieces. When in the Lancaster County. PA area make sure to visit our furniture store. We have a newsletter that we send out with new product introductions and sales. You can sign up for it at the bottom of this page. We just added a in inventory items – click here section so make sure to check out.

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Dining and Kitchen Furniture
Lee Pie Safe Image
Lee Pie Safe
The Lee Pie Safe is just like the pie safe Grandma used to cool her weekly baked goods. There is nothing like the nostalgia th... Read More
$5650 - $5750
Fredericksburg Pie Safe Image
Fredericksburg Pie Safe
The Fredericksburg Pie Safe has a unique take on an otherwise classic design. Shorter and more compact than our other pie safe... Read More
$2850 - $2950
Grainger Pie Safe - Cherry Wood Image
Grainger Pie Safe - Cherry Wood
The Grainger Pie Safe – Cherry Wood is just the right size to fit in most any area of your home. Whether you are storing ex... Read More
$3300 - $3450
Richmond Pie Safe Image
Richmond Pie Safe
The Richmond Pie Safe brings back the memories of freshly baked apple pie at Grandma’s house. Although designed after these ... Read More
$4050 - $4150
Grainger Pie Safe - Tiger Maple Wood Image
Grainger Pie Safe - Tiger Maple Wood
The Grainger Pie Safe – Tiger Maple Wood will put you in the mood to have the scent of fresh baked pies s... Read More
$3300 - $3450
Milton Pie Safe Image
Milton Pie Safe
The Milton Pie Safe has a unique take on an otherwise classic design. This classic piece of furniture is a great addition to e... Read More
$2850 - $2950
Virginia Pie Safe Image
Virginia Pie Safe
Traditional American symbols like the Eagle and Star give this piece special attraction for your home. The Virginia Pie Safe b... Read More
$4050 - $4150