Roanoke Thistle Bed

$3945 – $5521

Imbued with a classic charm and a sense of country comfort, the Roanoke Thistle Bed is a true testament to age-old craftsmanship. Perfect for a country home or a period-style home, and a delightful accent piece in a beach house, this bed takes its inspiration from antique designs and breathes new life into them.


The first thing you’ll notice about the Roanoke Thistle Bed is the beautifully turned posts, each adorned with a thistle at the top. This exquisite detailing adds a unique character to the bed, transforming it from a mere piece of furniture into a work of art.


The bed also features a rolling pin headboard and a bold design that exudes a robust and homely vibe. What sets it apart is the inclusion of a blanket rail – a nod to yesteryears and a touch of nostalgia that truly cements the bed’s status as an antique style reproduction.


Made in the USA, the Roanoke Thistle Bed is available in tiger maple wood, cherry wood, or historical painted finishes. Each of these choices brings its own charm and warmth to the bed, making it a versatile addition to any bedroom.


Product Specifications:


Design: Thistle Bed, Antique Style Reproduction
Material Options: Cherry Wood, Tiger Maple Wood, Historical Painted Finishes
Detailing: Thistle Motif on Posts, Blanket Rail, Rolling Pin Headboard
Origin: Made in the USA
Pictured In: King Size, Cherry Wood
Series: Historical


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Queen Size Height: 56 in.
Queen Size Width: 66 1/2 in.
Queen Size Depth: 86 1/2 in.




Historical Painted Finish – Twin, Full & Queen Size: $3,945
Cherry Wood – Twin, Full & Queen Size: $4,185
Tiger Maple Wood – Twin, Full & Queen Size: $4,691
Historical Painted Finish – King Size: $4,775
Cherry Wood – King Size: $5,015
Tiger Maple Wood – King Size: $5,521


Item Number: BB1160


The Roanoke Thistle Bed is not just a place to sleep, it’s a reflection of personal style and a testament to a bygone era of craftsmanship.


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