Antique Style Bed

$3060 – $4306

Step into a realm where historical elegance meets modern comfort with the Antique Style Bed, an American made creation that effortlessly fuses period decor with a desirable and classic design. Each curve and contour of this bed echoes the fine craftsmanship synonymous with Early American homes, promising to be the crowning  jewel in any period setting.


Picture this stately bed gracing your bedroom, beckoning with an invitation of serene repose and luxurious comfort. The Antique Style Bed stands as a testament to skilled craftsmanship, showcasing turned posts adorned with exquisite thistle motifs that encapsulate a bygone era’s sophistication and grace. The shaped headboard, a harmony of form and function.


Accentuating the grandeur of the past, this bed offers a plethora of finishes that complement a wide range of interiors. Choose from the warm tones of cherry wood that exude a sense of timelessness, the distinct grains of tiger maple wood that add a layer of richness, or the depth and texture offered by historical painted finishes, which bring a touch of artistry to your bedroom setting.


Available in a range of sizes including King, Queen, Full, and Twin, this versatile bed effortlessly integrates into varying room dimensions, serving as a majestic centerpiece that harmonizes beautifully with both classic and contemporary elements. Its versatile nature makes it a desirable choice, aptly blending with various styles and themes, promising to elevate your home with a blend of tradition and modernity.


Product Specifications:


Design: Antique Style Bed
Detailing: Thistle Motifs, Shaped Headboard
Options: Cherry Wood, Tiger Maple Wood, Historical Painted Finishes
Pictured In: Queen Size, Cherry Wood
Origin: Made in the USA
Series: Historical


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Queen Size Height: 56 1/4 in.
Queen Size Width: 67 in.
Queen Size Depth: 87 in.




Historical Painted Finish – Twin, Full & Queen Size: $3,060
Cherry Wood – Twin, Full & Queen Size: $3,300
Tiger Maple Wood – Twin, Full & Queen Size: $3,806
Historical Painted Finish – King Size: $3,560
Cherry Wood – King Size: $3,799
Tiger Maple Wood – King Size: $4,306


Item Number: 1939


Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of opulence and grace with the Antique Style Bed, a convergence of classic design and contemporary comfort.


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