48in Round Shaker Style Table


Elevate your dining space with the sheer elegance and simplicity of our 48in Round Shaker Style Table. Exquisitely crafted in Pennsylvania, this table encapsulates the essence of Shaker decor — a design ethos built on functionality, simplicity, and timeless beauty. Its uncomplicated design makes it a seamless fit, whether placed in a humble country-style home or within a refined Shaker setting.


At the heart of this table is the illustrious Tiger Maple Wood top, known for its distinct grain patterns and timeless allure. Such wood doesn’t just offer visual delight; it promises durability and a lasting legacy. Enhanced further with a light hand-planed finish, the top subtly reflects the artisan’s touch, giving it a gentle distressed look that resonates with vintage charm.


The table’s tapered legs not only provide stability but also add to its minimalist appeal. These legs are more than mere appendages; they’re a testament to traditional woodworking expertise. Each leg is meticulously mortised, tenoned, and pinned into the table’s apron, ensuring not just aesthetic coherence but also unparalleled durability.


Item: 48in Round Shaker Table – Item # 1907
Features: Light Hand Planed Top, Tapered Legs,  Shaker Style Design
Origin: Pennsylvania
Pictured In: Tiger Maple Wood
Series: Pennsylvania


In an age where complexity often overshadows simplicity, our Shaker Style Table stands out, reminding us of the beauty in understatement. Ideal for a kitchen or a quaint dining room, this table is more than a piece of furniture. It’s a conversation starter, a gathering point, and a reflection of your taste for subtlety and elegance. Dive into the world of Shaker decor with our Pennsylvania Series and embrace the charm of simplicity with this impeccable table.


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