American Made Philadelphia Writing Armchair


The American Made Philadelphia Writing Armchair is a distinguished piece that harkens back to the heritage of colonial craftsmanship. As a part of the Historical Series, this chair is a testament to traditional woodworking skills, seamlessly blending utility with an elegant Windsor style. Crafted in the USA, it offers an authentic touch of Americana to any interior setting.


This writing armchair is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing, with two conveniently placed drawers that provide discreet storage for writing materials or personal items. The drawers are neatly integrated into the design, maintaining the sleek lines of the chair. The artistry of the chair is evident in the intricate carved knuckles and ears, details that showcase the exceptional attention to craftsmanship.


Dressed in an antique black over red crackle finish, the chair possesses a storied appearance, as if it has been part of a family heritage for generations. The finish accentuates the detailed carvings and turned elements, creating a striking contrast that is both visually captivating and touchably textured.


This chair is not merely a seat but a functional work of art. It stands ready to grace your living space, serving as a focal point that is both practical for everyday use and inspiring in its design.


Product Specifications:


Item: American Made Philadelphia Writing Armchair
Features: Carved Knuckles, Carved Ears, Two Drawers
Finish: Antique Black over Red Crackle
Origin: Made in USA
Series: Historical




Height: 48 inches
Width: 36 inches
Depth: 32 inches


Item Number: 2077


This Philadelphia Writing Armchair is a sophisticated addition to any home, reflecting a storied past and a commitment to enduring design and functionality.


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