7ft X 40in Gettysburg Farm Table


Enhance your dining space with the rustic elegance of our 7ft X 40in Gettysburg Farm Table, a perfect centerpiece for any farmhouse decor. This robust table is crafted in Pennsylvania, showcasing a hand-planed cherry wood top that adds texture and a deep sense of history to your meals. The distressed finish on the top not only enhances its rustic appeal but also highlights the natural beauty and richness of the cherry wood.


Supported by bold turned legs, this table is as sturdy as it is stylish, painted in an antique black over red base that provides a striking contrast and adds to the antique farmhouse aesthetic. This combination of color and texture makes the Gettysburg Farm Table a statement piece that is both functional and decorative.


Product Specifications:


Item: 7ft X 40in Gettysburg Farm Table
Features: Hand Planed Top, Distressed Top, Joined Top, Bold Turned Legs
Origin: Made in Pennsylvania
Pictured In: Hand Planed Cherry Wood Top with an Antique Black over Red Base


Item Number: 2174


Ideal for family gatherings, this table not only serves as a practical dining surface but also acts as a focal point of your home decor, embodying the charm and warmth of traditional farmhouse style. Its generous dimensions and durable construction ensure it will be a beloved addition to your home for years to come.


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