American Made 8 Windsor Chairs


Introducing our American Made 8 Windsor Chairs set, an exquisite collection that harmonizes perfectly with both traditional and modern dining settings. Made with care in Pennsylvania, this set showcases the timeless beauty and durability of classic Windsor style, adding a touch of elegance to your dining room or kitchen.


This set comprises 2 Sack Back Windsor Armchairs and 6 Bow Back Windsor Side Chairs, each piece finished in Antique Black over Red, a striking choice that highlights the graceful lines and distinct silhouette of the Windsor design. The rich, deep tones of the finish bring an air of sophistication, transforming each chair into a statement piece.


The armchairs offer a comfortable embrace with their curved backs and sculpted arms, perfect for leisurely meals or engaging conversations. The side chairs, with their elegant bow backs, provide an inviting seating option, balancing style and comfort. Together, they create a harmonious ensemble that speaks volumes of your taste for quality and design.


Ideal for family gatherings, dinner parties, or casual meals, these chairs are not just seating options but a celebration of craftsmanship and American heritage. They promise to enrich your dining experience with their classic appeal and enduring construction.


Product Specifications:


Item: American Made 8 Windsor Chairs consists of 2 Sack Back Windsor Armchairs & 6 Bow Back Windsor Side Chairs
Features: Windsor Style Design
Pictured In: Antique Black over Red Painted Finish
Origin: Pennsylvania


2 Sack Back Windsor Armchairs:


Height: 40 3/4in
Width: 26 1/2in
Depth: 23 in


6 Bow Back Side Windsor Chairs:


Height: 38 1/4in
Width: 21 in
Depth: 20 1/4in


Item Number: 2079


Embrace the charm and elegance of these Windsor chairs, a perfect blend of traditional design and modern functionality, enhancing the atmosphere of any dining space with their timeless beauty.


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