Four Country Counter Stools


Step into a world of the past while keeping your feet firmly planted in the present with this set of four Historical Pennsylvania Stools. Currently available, these exquisite pieces embody a seamless blend of the past and present, making them perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any space.


Showcasing the hallmark Windsor style design, these stools present a visually appealing silhouette that would enhance any room. Coated in an Antique Black over Red Crackle Painted Finish, they radiate a unique character that brings the rich narrative of American craftsmanship to life.


Whether you aim to complete your farmhouse decor or introduce an accent of country charm into a contemporary home, these stools seamlessly integrate into any setting. Created in the USA, they are a testament to the enduring appeal and quality of antique-style reproduction.


Product Specifications:


Item: Historical Pennsylvania Stools – Item # 1897
Features: Windsor Style Design
Pictured In: Antique Black over Red Crackle Painted Finish
Origin: Made in the USA
Series: Historical




Height: 25 in.
Width: 22 1/2 in.
Seat Width: 15 in.


Embrace the best of both worlds with these Four Country Counter Stools—a perfect blend of tradition and modern functionality that’s sure to invigorate your interior space.

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