Pair of Sack Back Windsor Armchairs


Discover the classic beauty of our Pair of Sack Back Windsor Armchairs, a testament to the rich tradition of Pennsylvania craftsmanship. These chairs feature vase turned legs, showcasing the intricate work and attention to detail that are hallmarks of this timeless design. The antique black over red finish provides a striking contrast, highlighting the elegant contours and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of each piece.


Product Specifications:


Item: Pair of Sack Back Windsor Armchairs
Features: Vase Turned Legs, Classic Design
Pictured In: Antique Black over Red Finish
Origin: Pennsylvania




Height: 40 3/4 inches
Width: 26 1/2 inches
Depth: 23 inches


Item Number: 2133


Ideal for those who appreciate furniture that reflects history and artistry, these Sack Back Windsor Armchairs are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your dining room or living space. Their robust construction and elegant finish make them not only stunning decorative pieces but also durable seating options that promise comfort and style for years to come.


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