Two Historical Sack Back Windsor Armchairs


Introducing our Two Historical Sack Back Windsor Armchairs, a pair that exemplifies the timeless elegance of Early American style decor. These chairs are a perfect addition to any dining table or kitchen setting and serve as striking accent chairs, adding a touch of historical sophistication to your home. Crafted in the USA, they are a proud representation of the Historical series, designed to complement period-style settings with their classic Windsor design.


The chairs boast shaped seats and turned legs, features that reflect the iconic Windsor style known for comfort and durability. The legs are securely mortised through the seat and wedged, a traditional technique that ensures a solid, long-lasting construction. Similarly, the rods are mortised through the back bend and wedged, providing reliable back support with an aesthetically pleasing finish.


Finished in an Antique Black over Red Crackle, these chairs offer a beautifully distressed look that enhances their antique appearance, making them stand out in any room. Their generous dimensions provide a comfortable seating experience without compromising on style.


Product Specifications:


Item: Two Historical Sack Back Windsor Armchairs
Features: Turned Legs, Shaped Seat
Pictured In: Antique Black over Red Crackle Finish
Origin: Made in USA
Series: Historical




Height: 43 1/4in
Width: 25 in
Depth: 23 in


Item Number:  2057


These Historical Sack Back Windsor Armchairs are not just seating options; they are a celebration of American heritage, designed to offer both beauty and functionality, ideally suited for creating a welcoming and historically inspired atmosphere in your home.


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