Cherry Wood Shaker Cupboard

$973 – $1155

The Cherry Wood Shaker Cupboard beautifully captures the essence of elegant simplicity, exuding a timeless appeal synonymous with the iconic Shaker style. This meticulously crafted piece, available in cherry wood, radiant tiger maple wood, and authentic historical painted finishes, seamlessly marries form and function.


With its raised panels that add a depth of texture and visual appeal, the cupboard stands out as a piece that is both subtle and striking. It’s not just about its appearance; its size is thoughtfully designed to offer versatility in its utility. It effortlessly finds its place in various rooms – be it the welcoming warmth of a foyer, the functional expanse of a hallway, or the living room.


Its versatility extends to its aesthetic adaptability as well. While it’s a natural fit in a Shaker-style home, echoing the minimalist elegance of the decor, it’s equally at ease in a modern city apartment. Imagine this cupboard, with its understated grace, becoming a standout accent piece in a beach house, a testament to its design versatility.


Product Specifications:


Design: Cherry Wood Shaker Cupboard
Features: Raised Panels, Great Size
Options: Tiger Maple Wood, Cherry Wood, Natural Cherry Finish, Historical Painted Finishes
Pictured In: Cherry Wood
Origin: Made in the USA
Series: Shaker Style – Designer Series


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Height: 32 5/8 in.
Width: 36 in.
Depth: 14 1/2 in.




Historical Painted Finish: $973
Cherry Wood: $1,074
Tiger Maple Wood: $1,155


Item Number # 1899


Rooted in the legacy of American craftsmanship and proudly made in the USA, the Cherry Wood Shaker Cupboard isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s a reflection of heritage, quality, and the beauty of simplicity.


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