Counter Table

$3150 – $3450

Step into a world where design meets function with the Counter Table. Designed with an attention to detail that speaks of age-old craftsmanship, this table beautifully captures the essence of period-style country design, making it a focal point in any setting it graces.


Imagine a warm and inviting farmhouse kitchen. The Counter Table, with its solid Cherry Wood Top, stands out, drawing eyes to its natural beauty. The Antique Black over Red Painted Base contrasts with the richness of the wood, elevating the overall aesthetics of the piece. But this table isn’t just about looks; its utility is unmatched. The unique stretcher base ensures sturdiness.


Whether you’re looking to complete the decor of a Country Style House or searching for that perfect accent piece for a Contemporary Home, the Counter Table is versatile enough to fit the bill. With options to choose between counter height and bar height, it’s adaptable to varying needs. The texture of the table top can be customized too, be it smooth, light hand planed, or hand planed – each choice offering a different tactile experience.


Design: Counter Table
Features: Unique Design, Stretcher Base
Origin: Pennsylvania
Pictured In: Cherry Wood Top with Antique Black over Red Painted Base
Series: Pennsylvania




Cherry Wood Top is Standard
Antique Black over Red Painted Base is Standard
Available in counter height – 36 in.
Available in bar height – 42 in. – $100 Additional
Hand Planed Top or Light Hand Planed Top – $100 Additional
Can be Custom Sized




Cherry Wood Top:


5 ft. or less: $3,150
6 ft.: $3,250
7 ft.: $3,450


Item # TSRU61


Artistically forged in Pennsylvania, known for its heritage of artisan craftsmanship, the Counter Table isn’t merely furniture; it’s a statement. A declaration of love for timeless designs, it invites you to experience a blend of tradition and innovation in every grain, every hue, and every curve. Embrace an ageless aesthetic crafted for today’s homes.



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