French Country Table

$2865 – $4065

Delve into the realm of classic European elegance with the French Country Table. This timeless piece, deeply rooted in French design aesthetics, stands as a testament to grace and sophistication. With its cabriole legs, reminiscent of 18th-century France, and a meticulously molded table top edge, it’s a masterpiece that brings together the best of two worlds: the contemporary and the classic.


Designed for the French kitchen or dining room in mind, this table’s exquisite design details make it an unparalleled fit for contemporary homes that seek a touch of European flair. Its versatility doesn’t end there; this table also gracefully accentuates any European setting, seamlessly blending in while adding a touch of refined grandeur.


Available in two distinct wood finishes, you can opt for the deep richness of Cherry Wood or the unique patterns of Tiger Maple Wood. Personalization is at the heart of this table’s offerings; from the texture of the top – whether smooth, light hand planed, or hand planed. Those inclined towards a contrasting base can choose the Antique Black over Red Painted Base. It can also be custom sized to meet almost any need.


Design: French Country Table
Features: Molded Table Top Edge, Cabriole Legs
Origin: Pennsylvania
Pictured In: Tiger Maple Wood
Series: Pennsylvania




Tiger Maple Wood or Cherry Wood
Light Hand Planed or Hand Planed Top – $100 additional
15 in. Company Boards for Either End of Table – $325 each
Antique Black over Red Base – No Additional Cost
Can be Custom Sized




Cherry Wood:


5 ft. or less: $2,865
6 ft.: $3,065
7 ft.: $3,265
8 ft.: $3,465
9 ft.: $3,865


Tiger Maple Wood:


5 ft. or less: $3,065
6 ft.: $3,265
7 ft.: $3,465
8 ft.: $3,665
9 ft.: $4,065


Item # TSR 005-35


Hailing from Pennsylvania, a hub of impeccable craftsmanship, the French Country Table is more than just furniture. It’s an invitation to embrace a design that has spanned centuries, refined for the modern home.



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