Nantucket Kitchen Table

$2250 – $3450

Journey to a place where the soothing vibes of the coast meet refined craftsmanship with the Nantucket Kitchen Table. This masterpiece is crafted not just as a table but as a reflection of the serene and idyllic landscapes of Nantucket itself. It embodies the essence of beach decor with an elegance that complements any setting, be it a traditional coastal beach house or a sleek contemporary home.


The first thing that catches your eye is the table’s solid wood top, a testament to the authenticity of its design. Whether you choose the striking Tiger Maple Wood Top or the ever-classic Cherry Wood, you’re guaranteed a table that resonates with quality. This is further complemented by the soft contrast of the aged Nantucket White over Nantucket Grey Painted Base, which brings a subtle hint of the seaside right into your dining space.


Perfectly suited for both kitchens and dining rooms, its turned leg base is not just a design element but a mark of its solid construction. Each leg is expertly mortised, tenon, and pinned into the table’s apron, a promise of durability.


For those who appreciate bespoke details, the array of customization options is a dream come true. From the texture of the top – be it Smooth Top, Light Hand Planed or the deeper grooves of Hand Planed, you can make this table uniquely yours. Plus, with the offering of custom sizes, rest assured it’s crafted to fit seamlessly into your space.


Design: Nantucket Kitchen Table
Features: Solid Wood Top, Joined Top, Turned Leg Base
Origin: Pennsylvania
Pictured In: Cherry Wood Top with Nantucket White over Nantucket Grey Painted Base
Series: Pennsylvania




Tiger Maple Wood or Cherry Wood Top
Nantucket White over Nantucket Grey Painted Base is Standard
Light Hand Planed or Hand Planed Top – $100 additional
15 in. Company Boards for Either End of Table – $325 each
Antique Black over Red Painted Base – No Additional Cost
Can be Custom Sized




Cherry Wood Top:


5 ft. or less: $2,250
6 ft.: $2,350
7 ft.: $2,450
8 ft.: $2,850
9ft.: $3,250


Tiger Maple Wood Top:


5 ft. or less: $2,450
6 ft.: $2,550
7 ft.: $2,650
8 ft.: $3,050
9ft.: $3,450


Item # TSR 024-54


This isn’t just another table. The Nantucket Kitchen Table is a tribute to the age-old traditions of Pennsylvania craftsmanship, bringing with it a piece of history and an undeniable presence. Dive into a world of coastal allure intertwined with unmatched quality.


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