Shaker Farmhouse Table

$2050 – $3150

The Shaker Farmhouse Table encapsulates the essence of the classic Shaker style, melded with the enduring appeal of farmhouse aesthetics. Designed to be a versatile centerpiece, this table effortlessly graces both the kitchen and dining room, catering to diverse interiors, from the simplicity of country homes to the streamlined designs of contemporary houses.


Showcased in Tiger Maple Wood in our featured image, the table’s inherent beauty is accentuated by the fine grain and rich hues of the wood, offering a tactile warmth to any space it occupies. For those who appreciate a touch of artisanal flair, the option of a hand-planed top adds texture and character, enhancing the overall dining experience.


Beyond its visual appeal, the Shaker Farmhouse Table stands on the pillars of robust craftsmanship. The legs, are mortise, tenon, and pinned into the apron, reflecting superior construction techniques that promise longevity and durability.


Design: Shaker Farmhouse Table
Features: Shaker Style, Tapered Legs, Joined Top
Origin: Pennsylvania
Pictured In: Tiger Maple Wood
Series: Pennsylvania




Tiger Maple Wood or Cherry Wood
Light Hand Planed or Hand Planed Top – $100 additional
15 in. Company Boards for Either End of Table – $295 each
Antique Black over Red Base – No Additional Cost
Extra Thickness – Additional Cost
Can be Custom Sized




Cherry Wood:


5 ft. or less: $2,050
6 ft.: $2,150
7 ft.: $2,250
8 ft.: $2,650
9 ft.: $3,050


Tiger Maple Wood:


5 ft. or less: $2,150
6 ft.: $2,250
7 ft.: $2,350
8 ft.: $2,750
9 ft.: $3,150


Item # TSR013-5


Closing on a note of authenticity, this antique reproduction Shaker style table is a proud manifestation of Pennsylvania’s revered woodworking tradition, ensuring you own not just a piece of furniture, but a slice of history.


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