Outdoor Brass Shaker Hanging Light


Immerse yourself in the timeless appeal of the Outdoor Brass Shaker Hanging Light. Crafted in Pennsylvania, a state renowned for its rich tradition of craftsmanship, this hanging light is a testament to the meticulous hands that have brought it to life. Made of solid brass, each hand-soldered joint is evidence of its superior construction, ensuring durability that’s meant to stand the test of time.


The design, rooted in the Shaker style, resonates with simplicity, making it versatile for different home styles. Whether adorning the facade of a Period or an Early American residence, it will accentuate the home’s classic appeal. But don’t be confined by tradition. This hanging light’s clean lines and elegant design make it an exquisite fit even for contemporary homes.


The range of finishes available for this light, spanning from dark brass to antique brass and raw brass, provide a versatile palette to complement diverse decor styles. What sets these finishes apart is their organic nature; they’re not static but evolve over time. As they age, each finish matures uniquely, bestowing a distinct character to the light fixture. This natural aging process accentuates the authenticity and beauty of genuine brass. Among these, the dark brass is often favored for its rich, antiqued allure. Yet, it’s worth noting that all variants, regardless of their initial appearance, undergo a captivating metamorphosis as time progresses.


Product Specification:


Design: Outdoor Brass Shaker Hanging Light
Features: Simple Shaker Style Design
Options: Dark Brass Finish, Antique Brass Finish, or Raw Brass Finish
Pictured In: Dark Brass
Origin: Pennsylvania
Series: Pennsylvania Outdoor Lighting


Additional Details:


Light bulbs not included
Can be used underneath an outdoor porch or inside
Up to 40 watts per socket
Finish Note: You will see variances in finish from light to light. The dark brass is the most popular finish. The raw brass and antique brass do darken as they age. Each light ages differently. The dark brass finish will also change appearance.




Height: 19 1/4 in.
Width: 6 1/8 in.
Depth: 6 1/8in.
Number of Sockets: 1


Price: $275

Item Number: 1904


The Outdoor Brass Shaker Hanging Light not only illuminates your space but also adds a touch of artistry and history to your home, bridging the past and the present beautifully.

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