Queen Anne Farm Table

$2000 – $3100

The Queen Anne Farm Table, with its meticulously crafted design, is an epitome of traditional elegance tailored for contemporary homes. Drawing inspiration from the timeless Queen Anne design, this table showcases country Queen Anne legs, reflecting a blend of sophistication and rustic flair. The table’s detailed craftsmanship ensures that it fits seamlessly into both Salt Box and Cape Cod style homes, emphasizing the essence of classic architecture.


For aficionados of antique collections, the Queen Anne Farm Table serves as an ideal addition, seamlessly marrying the past and present. Its versatility is showcased in the custom sizing option, allowing homeowners to find the perfect fit for their spaces. Moreover, for those looking to accentuate its rustic aesthetic, there’s an option for a hand-planed top, adding a tactile, artisanal touch to the table.


Many of our customers have found a harmonious pairing by surrounding this table with our Bow Back Windsor chairs or Fan Back Windsor chairs. The antique black over red finish of these chairs juxtaposes beautifully against the solid cherry wood or the tiger maple wood top, crafting a visual symphony that’s both inviting and elegant.


Design: Queen Anne Farm Table
Features: Queen Anne Style Legs, Joined Top
Origin: Pennsylvania
Pictured In: Cherry Wood Top with Antique Black over Red Painted Base
Series: Pennsylvania




Tiger Maple Wood or Cherry Wood Top
Antique Black over Red Painted Base is Standard
Hand Planed Top or Light Hand Planed Top – $100 Additional
Tiger Maple Wood or Cherry Wood Base – $350 Additional
15 in. Company Boards for Either End of Table – $295 each
Can be Custom Sized




Cherry Wood Top:


5 ft. or less: $2,000
6 ft.: $2,100
7 ft.: $2,200
8 ft.: $2,600
9 ft.: $3,000


Tiger Maple Wood Top:


5 ft. or less: $2,100
6 ft.: $2,200
7 ft.: $2,300
8 ft.: $2,700
9 ft.: $3,100


Item # TSR 39


Rooted in Pennsylvania’s rich tradition of woodworking, the Queen Anne Farm Table stands as a testament to impeccable craftsmanship, making it a cherished antique reproduction for any home.


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