Antique Style Stand

$1,155 – $1,257

Journey into the embrace of timeless elegance with the Antique Style Stand, a masterpiece that beautifully pays homage to the classic Sheraton design.


Situated ideally in a living room or family room, this stand becomes more than just a functional piece; it transforms into a centerpiece of conversation and admiration. Its versatility shines as it adorns the space beside your sofa, or even stands alone, capturing attention and appreciation. Whether you’re seeking to augment the aesthetic of a room or to add a piece that blends seamlessly, this stand emerges as the go-to choice.


The stand boasts turned legs, a testament to the nuanced craftsmanship synonymous with vintage design, while the dovetailed drawer, seamlessly integrated beneath the table-top, promises both elegance and utility. This stand’s appeal isn’t confined to its design; it extends to its array of finishing options. Envision the dazzling patterns of the Tiger Maple Wood or the subtle, rich texture of Cherry Wood, and not to forget, the evocative primitive painted finishes, adding a touch of rustic sophistication.


The piece pictured showcases a Tiger Maple Wood top and drawer front harmoniously contrasted by an Antique Black over Red Crackle Base, a combination that exudes understated opulence.


Product Specifications:


Design: Antique Style Stand
Detailing: Classic Country Design, Turned Legs, Dovetailed Drawer
Options: Tiger Maple Wood, Cherry Wood, Primitive Painted Finishes
Pictured: Tiger Maple Wood Top and Drawer Front with an Antique Black over Red Crackle Base
Origin: Made in the USA
Series: Historical


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Height: 29 in.
Width: 20 in.
Depth: 17 in.




Historical Painted Finish: $1,155
Cherry Wood: $1,206
Tiger Maple Wood: $1,257


Item Number: 1926


Rooted deeply in American craftsmanship and inspired by eras gone by, the Antique Style Stand invites you to indulge in a piece of history, reimagined for the contemporary home.


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