Shaker Stand

$524 – $610

In the heart of a simple country house, where the whispers of the wind blend with the laughter of family, a true piece of art takes its place in the form of the exquisite Shaker Stand. This classic piece, picturized in a natural finish of cherry wood, is the epitome of timeless beauty and American craftsmanship, making it a perfect addition to either a tranquil country home or a vibrant family beach house.


Imagine this masterpiece gracefully adorning your family room or living room, its tapered legs speaking volumes of the craftsmanship that went into its creation. The legs, meticulously mortised, tenoned, and pinned into its apron, stand as a testament to the durability and timeless elegance that defines this Shaker style reproduction. The simplicity of its Shaker decor seamlessly blends with its surroundings, promising versatility and a touch of classic charm that is bound to captivate the hearts of many.


Picture it serving as a faithful accent table, where it witnesses the golden moments of family togetherness, harboring the secrets of heartfelt conversations and the warmth of shared cups of tea. Its historical painted finishes narrate tales from the yesteryears, while the tiger maple wood and cherry wood options allow you a canvas to paint your contemporary story, intertwining the old with the new in a harmonious symphony.


Product Specifications:


Design: Shaker Stand
Features: Tapered Leg, Simple Shaker Style Design
Options: Tiger Maple Wood, Cherry Wood – Standard Stain, Cherry Wood – Natural Finish, Historical Painted Finishes
Pictured In: Cherry Wood – Natural Finish
Origin: Made in the USA
Series: Shaker Style – Designer Series


Color Chart – Click Here




Height: 27 in.
Width: 19 in.
Depth: 19 in.




Historical Painted Finish: $610
Cherry Wood: $524
Tiger Maple Wood: $561


Item Number: 1951


Bring this classic American-made marvel into your home, and watch it transform your living space into a haven of tradition blended with modernity, narrating tales of timeless elegance and unspoken beauty.


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