Shaker Candle Stand


In the serene corners of rustic settings, where simplicity meets classic elegance, the Shaker Candle Stand graces homes with an aura of timeless charm and functionality. This unique piece, a loving tribute to the well-admired shaker style, is American-made, promising durability and authentic craftsmanship that seamlessly melds into the pastoral beauty of a farmhouse or the cozy comfort of a family or living room.


As your eyes drift over the table, you can almost feel the warm glow of a candle flickering, casting a comforting light in your space. The round top, featuring a rustic black over red finish, is not only a celebration of tradition but also an epitome of understated sophistication. A desirable accent table indeed, it adds a soothing touch to the corners of your home, reminding you of the harmony that classic design brings to modern living.


The design echoes the simplicity and functionality that the Shaker style is renowned for. Standing on three meticulously crafted, simple legs, the table brings a balance of form and function, reflecting the shaker’s philosophy of simplicity and utility. It serves as an invitation to appreciate the beauty in simplicity, a call to return to roots where design meets functionality in the most harmonious way.


Product Specifications:


Design: Shaker Candle Stand
Detailing: Shaker Style Design, Three Simple Legs
Pictured In: Rustic Black over Red
Origin: Made in USA
Series: Primitive




Height: 28 in.
Diameter: 16 in.


Pricing: $340


Item Number: 412


Allow this classic piece to illuminate your space with a glow that transcends time, bringing a whisper of history and a touch of rustic elegance to your home, a true hallmark of American craftsmanship and tradition.


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